The Best Air Fryers That Let You Enjoy Fried Foods Without All The Extra Oil

by Dana Baardsen
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Air fryers have opened up a new (healthier) world for those of us that love fried foods. There was always something comforting and addictively satisfying about fried foods. Potatoes: good. Fried potatoes: delicious. And because it’s human nature, if there’s food that can be eaten, people will find a way to fry it. Case in point: County Fairs, where deep fried butter, beer, coke, and Oreos are more common than carnival rides.

But unfortunately though not unsurprisingly, deep-fried goodness is not great for health. Studies have shown that frequent consumption of fried food, which tend to be high in fat and calories, is associated with a higher risk of mortality.

Enter: Air Fryers. The appliance started trending during the Shelter-in-Place orders in 2020. It’s the best way to fry up your groceries without drowning them in vats of oil. It sounds like magic, and at this point, every cook and non-cook should have one in their kitchen. It’s that easy to use!

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers work like convection ovens, where a fan circulates hot air around to cook your food more quickly and evenly. They also have a perforated fryer basket to allow the circulating heat to reach the food more easily. Technically it’s not “frying” in the classic sense, but the heat browns and crisps whatever you’re cooking, giving it a fried texture. And best of all, it works with much less oil (sometimes up to 70-80 percent less) than a traditional fryer, so say goodbye to oil burns and greasy fingerprints all over your table.

What Foods Can You Make With An Air Fryer?

Dream big, because you can do more than just make a batch of french fries. What makes air fryers great is that you can whip up anything from veggies and chicken to sandwiches and dessert. We’re talking the best air fryer donuts, crispy chicken, pizza, and heck, you can even make hard-boiled eggs or air fry a salad if you really, really want.

Best Air Fryers Overall

There are lots of good air fryers on the market, but not all are equal. The best ones will, of course, fry your food evenly, but are also easy to use, easy to clean, run quietly, and are the right size for your needs. Ahead are some of the best air fryers for snack and meal times. Trust us Mama, the whole family will love it!

Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

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