Chew On This! The 10 Best Teething Toys For Every Baby

by Megan Hungerford
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Baby Teethers

Babies cry. The whole not being able to express themselves except with varying degrees of cooing and wailing is all part of infant territory. But there comes a time when those little whimpers of hunger become full blown, impossible to soothe screaming fits. Usually this happens at the most inopportune times— like the second your butt hits the chair to send some emails, when you finally make a long overdue phone call, or the minute you finally pour yourself that well deserved glass of Chardonnay. You start running down the mom checklist of baby soothing. Clean diaper…check. Bottle…check. Aah…baby’s still screaming. Heading into phase two, you try a rock in the glider, a snuggle in the baby carrier— even a ride in the usually effective baby swing. Nothing is working!

Suddenly, your mom detective skills kick in. You notice the river of drool running down baby’s chin, their little mouth ferociously gnawing on their fist and it hits you. This is TEETHING!

First of all, don’t panic (but feel free to take a slug of that Chardonnay you never got to enjoy). We’ve all heard the nightmares of endless screaming and inconsolable fussing when baby is cutting a tooth, but we live in modern times with options other than lathering up our baby’s gums with whiskey. Grab your teething toys. Remember all those little rubber things you got for your baby shower? Yes, those.

There are teething toy options for every baby, for every time of day, and every lifestyle. There are snuggly teething toys, feeder teethers, eco friendly teething toys, and chilled ones, too (super effective). We pulled together some of our favorites, because let’s face it, there are never too many to have on hand.

Now that you’ve tackled teething, get ready for solid food, walking, potty training and playing outside. But before you’re left in a daze wondering where the years went, check out our other mom approved baby must haves from us parents who’ve been through it (and lived to tell the tale).


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