13 Best Waterproof Watches For Kids in 2021, According To Moms

13 Best Waterproof Watches For Kids To Splash And Swim With All Summer

June 11, 2020 Updated June 30, 2021

Kids Waterproof Watches

Kids are constantly learning, whether they’re in school, at home, playing sports, or enjoying their screen time. (Limited screen time, we should say.) One new skill they’ve been learning over the past several weeks and months is how to wash their hands properly.

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When a child washes his or her hands, it’s often a full-contact sport. Water and soap foam go everywhere. Pair that with all of the sprinkler and water table activity they’re doing in the yard now that it’s finally summer, and watches are usually NOT allowed. Unless, that is, your kid’s watch is waterproof— as they all probably should be. At a minimum, these watches are resistant to hand washing and water balloons. Some of these waterproof watches are even tough enough for running through sprinklers and swimming in the kiddie pool. There are many colors and styles of these youth waterproof sport watches, as well as a mix of digital and analog watches (… even if the kids can’t read an analog watch).

Something we should mention: Quite a few of these waterproof watches for swimming for kids specifically tell you not to press any of the buttons while the watch is underwater, or the watch could fail. F***ing great design. Tell a kid not to do something, and you have a 99.9% chance of having the kid do it within 13 seconds. Hell, there’s even a popular kids book called Don’t Push the Button. (Spoiler alert: The kid pushes the button in the end. Hugely surprising twist.)

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We see this as a great opportunity to help the kids learn about time AND about self-control. Heck, it might even work better here than it works for screen time. (What possesses a kid to use up all of his or her screen time for the day by 9:15 a.m. and spend the next 12 hours begging for more screen time? Just one of life’s mysteries.) From Disney characters and Hot Wheel flames to solid, vibrant colors — ahead are the best waterproof watches for kids that we know they’d love.

Best Waterproof Watches For Kids

Kids Digital Sport Waterproof Watch

If your kiddo isn’t into the cartoon characters (because they’re “a big kid”), this is a great option for your youngster. It has a sleek look and bright color that kids will love. If blue isn’t their thing, you’ve got nine other options to choose from.

“I am in awe of the quality of this thing for the price! AND waterproof!” said one customer. “If you’re looking for a first watch or gift, look no further. Really nice. i bought it for my 4-year-old grandson because he wanted a watch and you can’t go wrong at this price. He loves it and I am just amazed. Really sharp looking too!”


AXSPT LED Waterproof Kids Sport Watch

One problem with picking youth waterproof sport watches is that the average kid is likely to change his or her mind regarding favorite styles and colors every few days. The AXSPT waterproof watch for swimming solves this problem by allowing kids to change the background LED color of the watch face. With seven choices, matching the kid’s mood is easier than ever.

There are also great color combos available. We love the bright orange, green, pink and yellow. If your kid likes a chunky style watch, this one fits, using a 36mm watch face diameter and a 16mm band width.

As a waterproof watch for kids, this model is made for playing in the water, as it maintains its water protection to a depth of 50 meters (about 160 feet). It’ll remain safe during hand washing, bathing, or showering too.

It has a stopwatch function, a day of the week calendar, and shock resistance properties. It even has an alarm clock, so maybe the kid will remember to come to dinner on time. Of course, then the kid would have to remember to set the alarm. We know, we know. It’s asking a lot.


KIDDUS Kids Watch for Children

The great thing about this waterproof watch from KIDDUS (aside from the rainbow design), is that it will help your little one learn how to tell time! It features ALL minute numbers and has labeled minute and hour watch hands so that they know the difference.

One Amazon customer said, “Bought this for my daughter’s 8th Birthday. Fantastic watch which is bright, cute and will certainly help her learn how to tell time! Quality feels good and sturdy. My daughter absolutely loves it and has already recommended it to her friends.”

Another complimented the look of the watch saying, “It looks really grown up, but still has youthful appeal.”

$19.95 AT AMAZON

Disney Frozen Kid's Watch

Anna and Elsa fans rejoice! There’s a watch featuring your little one’s favorite Frozen characters and yes, it’s water resistant too. Although it can’t be submerged fully in the water (no showering with it!) it can handle rain and splashes, and look good doing it. The velcro band also makes it extra easy to adjust.

“This watch was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter, who is (of course) a huge Frozen fan. We’ve been working on telling time, and this watch has been a good teaching aid,” said one Mama. “The fully adjustable Velcro strap ensures a good fit, and the overall quality of the watch was even better than I expected. Easy to read numbers and easy on-and-off for my 5-year old have made this a great purchase. If you have a Frozen fan, you can’t go wrong with this watch.”

$37.99 AT AMAZON

SOKY LED Youth Waterproof Sport Watch

A waterproof watch for swimming can encourage kids to go out and exercise. Even though this watch is made for use in the water, kids may also use it for timing themselves while riding bikes or running, thanks to the stopwatch feature.

Versus some kids smart watch options, this SOKY model is pretty easy to use, as it doesn’t have quite as many buttons as some others. (Depending on how much your kid likes tech-y stuff, only having four buttons may be good or bad.)

This kids watch face has both a digital time listed and an analog interface with minute and hour hands, so kids can learn about both ways to tell time. (We’re guessing they’ll stick with the digital readout, or, worse yet, say they’re looking at the analog face but cheating and reading the digital readout. Sigh. At least you can say you tried to convince them that learning how to tell time with an analog watch is important.)

It’s a chunky style watch with a 36mm diameter face and a 16mm wide band. It’s primarily black, but you can choose a bold blue or yellow accent color.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Timex Time Teaching Girls Analog Waterproof Watch

It can be tough to convince kids that they need to learn certain things for their own good. Why should a kid learn how to add, subtract, and multiply by hand when they can use a smartphone or calculator to do the work for them?

In fact, thanks to smartphones, it’s tough to convince kids to learn things like how to tell time on an analog clock. The digital clock on the smartphone takes care of that. (Want to piss the kid off? Download an analog clock app for the smartphone and lock out any other changes.)

Good news: This waterproof watch for kids is made to help them learn how to tell time. The hour and minute hands on the watch face have text labels on them. The face has numbers printed around the outside to help kids figure out how many minutes it is past the hour or until the next hour.

Little kids will like the style options with this round 29mm diameter watch face, as it comes in bright colorful combinations. The 16mm fabric watch band comes in great colors and prints, too, including flowers, panda bears, and teddy bears. There’s even a llama-corn!


CakCity Boys Camo LED Sport Watch Kids

Some kids can’t resist anything with a camouflage pattern on it (some grown-ups, too). Hats, shirts, shorts, pants, socks, and shoes— you get it.

This waterproof watch for kids comes in a green or dark blue camo print (as well as some great brights).

This is a chunky, solid, waterproof watch for swimming, measuring 37mm in the watch face diameter and 17mm wide in the band. It will operate in up to 50 meters of water depth.

The watch uses a digital time display, rather than using an analog timer. It also shows the time in the dark, so it’s perfect for those backyard camping nights where the kid begs to sleep in the tent until dawn and then ends up asking mom or dad every 30 minutes what time it is. With this bright watch face, the kid can figure out what time it is all on his or her own. Then you’ll only be awakened so the kid can ask how long it is until the sun comes up.


Turn Life Kids Watch Waterproof

Little kids can be notoriously hard on … well, everything. So if you’re going to buy waterproof watches for kids, you better make sure you find one that’s going to resist whatever the kid will throw at it, including water.

This Turf Life watch is made for use around water, as it’s a waterproof watch for swimming or bathing that’s usable in a water depth up to 99 feet. Additionally, it has pressure resistant glass in the watch face, as well as resistance to various shocks for when the kid bangs the watch into rocks, trees, and every other hard object in a 1,000-foot radius of your home.

The watch band is soft and flexible, consisting of silicone and decorated with little 3D dinosaurs, which will appeal to toddlers and other young children. If your kid isn’t into dinosaurs, there are other characters available such as ladybugs, butterflies and race cars.

It’s a small watch, making it ideal for toddlers, as it has a 27mm diameter watch face and a 14mm wide band. And if the child loses the watch at some point you won’t have to cry about having spent too much money on their first watch.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Timex Waterproof Sport Watch For Boys or Girls

Sometimes, a kids smart watch with waterproof capabilities may be more than you need. After all, having a whole bunch of data on the screen is overkill for the average kid. Does a kid living on the West Coast actually need to know what time it is in New York City or London? Of course not. That’s just an invitation for the kid to wake you up at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday because it’s lunch time in London, so he wants a f***ing PB&J. No thanks.

This Timex sport watch for boys and girls gives you an uncluttered screen, so the kid can see what time it is where you live, and that’s it. (Now we’re not going to guarantee the kid won’t wake you up at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday anyway, but there’s always hope.)

The best part of this waterproof watch for kids is the 17mm wide soft black band with flames all over it, which kids will love. The 34mm diameter watch face has a few buttons to handle things like the alarm and a stopwatch feature.

The watch is water resistant for splashing or use in the rain, but it is not recommended for swimming or bathing.


CakCity Waterproof Analog Girls or Boys Teaching Sport Watch

If your idea of the best waterproof watches for kids involves fun colors, this CakCity watch fits the bill. It has multiple colors of 14mm wide bands available, including pink, light blue, dark blue, and purple. The 33mm diameter watch face has blues, reds, purples, and greens, including different colors in the hour and minute hands.

This kids waterproof watch for swimming is perfect for helping kids learn how to tell time on an analog watch face. It has clearly marked numbers all the way around the dial. There’s an outer dial marked with numbers up to 60 that the child can rotate. This is a cool feature, helping the kid figure out things like what time will it be in 20 minutes.

This waterproof watch for swimming is safe to use for brief immersion in water, but it should not be used for diving. It’s OK to use the watch while washing hands. And these days, there’s no point in buying a watch that can’t stand up to splashes from hand washing.


Best Waterproof Kids Smart Watch

Jaybest Kids Smart Watch

Smart and waterproof? You may have just hit the jackpot. This smartwatch from Jaybest is everything both you and your kiddo wants. Features include GPS, two-way calling, alarm clocks, and a selfie camera — all in addition to being waterproof!


LETSCOM Fitness Tracking Youth Waterproof Sport Watch

For the older kid who’s looking for a kids smart watch that’s styled a little more like an adult watch, this fitness tracking kids waterproof Fitbit style watch is a nice selection. It has a narrow, rectangular watch face, so it’ll help youngsters feel more grown up. The matte, sleek colors are stylish, too.

It tracks a host of different types of activities, including running, dancing, yoga, and bike riding. This is one of the kids watches with GPS, which helps with workout tracking.

We’d say this is for “older” kids, who are experienced with using a smartphone to pair it with, but we’re pretty sure your 7-year-old has already helped pair mom/dad’s fitness watches, so this will be old hat to them.

Even though this watch claims to be waterproof, it is not made for use while swimming or showering. We’d call it more sweat-proof than waterproof. Gross, but handy.


Cosmo JrTrack Kids Smartwatch

Looking for a cellphone alternative? This water-resistant smart watch from Cosmo JrTrack not only has call features, but it also comes with a parental control app. Set alarms, follow GPS, and schedule homework in one place!

$59.99 AT AMAZON

If you’re looking for less techy type of toys for the kids, check out our toy guides and find plenty of ideas for gift giving or because they’re actually behaving for a change.

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