Best Cheap Mattresses In A Box For A Restful (Not Stressful) Night's Sleep

by Jenny Altman
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best cheap mattresses
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Getting a good night’s sleep is always important, but as we mamas know, it’s practically the only thing that can get us through each long, agonizing day (these days). Now getting the kids into their own bed…we’ll leave that one to you, but for us we want cool, we want comfort and we want cheap — or at least reasonable — when it comes to buying a new mattress (and great pillows and bedding to go along with it).

Like most consumers, we’ve been tempted by all those commercials for new mattresses that appear on your doorstep in a vacuum packed box (Casper, Avocado, Purple — we’re talking to you). And yes, they seem genius (although almost everyone is doing the box-ship-thing these days), but the $1,000-$5,000 price tags are scorching! And while we can admit we have tried out one or two (#guilty), were they life changing? No. Did they stop the never ending spouse battle over it being too firm or too soft? No. Did these mattresses bathe the kids and then put them to bed for you? The answer is NO.

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A new mattress can and should last for years, so there’s an “investment” angle when it comes to making a purchase, but we don’t need to be chipping in for those brands’ pricey marketing spends. Let’s stick with the basics. We want good quality, we want to get a good night’s sleep and we want it to last without needing to be turned and flipped every month.

We’ve searched high and low for the best cheap mattresses, which to us means under $500. There’s foam, gel or standard coil. There’s even a foam/coil combo if you just can’t decide (it’s a little splurge-y on the price, sorry, but it’s a 2-in-1!). You won’t lose sleep after hitting “add to cart” with any of these — the last thing you need is a sleepless night spent stressing over the amount of money you just spent on your new mattress!

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