9 Best Toy Erector Sets— Brain Building Kits For Kids With Too Much Free Time

by Kyle Schurman
Lego Erector Set

If you spend hours of your day walking past your kids, seeing them with a slack-jawed look on their faces as they stare into whatever smart device happens to be in use at the time, and audibly sighing, you’re not alone. As parents, we can use all of the screen time limiting apps, change the WiFi password, physically take away a screen, and rely on the go-to staple from our parents — yelling at the kids — yet they always seem to find a way to have a screen available. It’s uncanny.

Sure, you could just cut off all electricity to the house in a completely desperate move. But here’s a better idea that allows you to keep your air conditioning and give the kids a non-screen option for entertainment: creative and time consuming best erector sets for kids.

There are simple erector sets for beginners, but there are also erector building sets that connect together to create different worlds. Some sets even have a motor included, so they can move or light up for extra fun. Erector sets often qualify as the best STEM activities, so the kids may even learn something while they’re playing.

Erector sets are a lot of fun for kids of all ages, although for the littles, they’ll still need parental help. Kids may even find that hands-on building is way more fun that pressing a button on a screen or watching a video, just like you promised them it would be. (Now don’t expect them to admit it. Telling mom or dad that they were right about something usually doesn’t happen until the kid reaches at least their mid-20s.) Here are our picks for most creative, fun and time-consuming erector sets that we’re hoping do the trick!

Although educational toys are great, it’s OK to buy your kids some toys that are just fun on occasion too. (Don’t let those excessively controlling social media moms guilt you into thinking otherwise.) Check out our toy guides for some fun ideas.