8 Best Ice Cream Makers For Delicious At-Home Sundae Bars

by Anna Baboval
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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

During summer, ice cream is an option any time of day (we’ve been known to let our kids eat it for lunch once or twice). There’s something so sweet about watching our kids lick a melting ice cream cone while gently swinging outdoors. Sure we can stock the freezer with store-bought varieties and our kids are ready to nominate us for mom of the year. But take the afternoon to bust out the ice cream maker (giving your other kitchen gadgets a well-deserved break) and everyone in the family will literally scream with delight. There is nothing quite like homemade ice cream (especially covered with toppings)!

Is it worth buying an ice cream maker?

It’s totally worth it, mama! I know it may sound like a lot of work (we have visions of our moms laboring with a hand crank ice cream maker, too), but fear not— ice cream makers have come a long way since our moms were whipping up homemade favorites, and ice cream recipes call for only a few simple ingredients. Most ice cream makers have electric motors, and while some still require ice (we recommend shaved ice for the smoothest ice cream) and rock salt, others let the ice cream base be poured right in— no freezing time required. Finding the right ice cream maker is all about what works best for your needs (and your budget) and of course how much patience your “helpers” have. With the right kitchen tools, the prep is a snap. Making homemade ice cream is a fun family activity where kids get some voice and choice in the creation of their flavors. Meaning everybody wins!

We’ve rounded up the 8 best ice cream makers around. These are great options for every different type of ice cream chef—from kid-friendly ice cream makers to top-rated ice cream makers for the pros. No matter what, don’t forget the whipped cream and toppings! Turning ice cream making into a full-on sundae bar is easy and thrills the kids like nothing else.

Best Homemade Ice Cream Maker

Best Electric Ice Cream Makers

Best Single Serve Ice Cream Makers’

Best Compact Ice Cream Makers

Best Large Batch Ice Cream Makers

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Now that dessert is taken care of, check out all of our mom approved must have kitchen gadgets for making life a little easier.


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