8 Best Nursery Rocking Chairs & Gliders You'll Be Rockin' Long After Baby Grows

by Ana Connery
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In addition to registering for your baby shower and ordering your new crib, the nursery rocking chair or glider is one of the most fun items to shop for when you’re expecting. There are more styles and shapes than ever before, with many combining the gentle back and forth of a glider with the hypnotic movement of a nursery rocking chair and in some cases, adding in a swivel for a full 360-degree spin.

It may not seem that way right now, but a nursery rocking chair or glider becomes command central once the baby arrives. From feeding and burping to snuggling and storytime, a ton of activity will take place in this one spot, so you want to choose one that’s sturdy, comfy, and looks good, too.

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Before you buy, consider how you’ll most use your nursery rocking chair or glider. If you plan to breastfeed and perhaps even pump in it, you’ll want an ample sized seat and padded armrests that are comfy enough to withstand longer sitting sessions. Some moms love to update their style quite a bit and change their furniture as often as their shoes. If that sounds like you, there’s no need to spend a fortune on a nursery glider or rocker. But if you’re the type who appreciates good design and is constantly reusing furniture in new ways, you’ll love the trend towards nursery rocking chairs and gliders that look living room-worthy. Whether you’re looking for a chair with a matching ottoman or not (are you?), check out these eight great nursery rocking chairs and gliders and let that urge to nest explode.

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