13 Best Women’s Running Shorts For All The Miles You Will Crush This Summer

by Jane Chertoff
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Women's Running Shorts

Running is tough, but when you have comfortable women’s running shorts on, it can also be therapeutic and leave you tingling with all those good feeling endorphins when you finish. So basically it’s the exact thing all us insanely busy moms need this summer. Luckily it doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment or time to get in a good run—you just need a good pair of running shoes and maybe a jogging stroller if you’re toting along the little ones.

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As for what to wear, a moisture-wicking T-shirt or tank, a supportive sports bra plus a really sharp pair of bike shorts or classic running shorts is all you’ll need. If you’ve not bought new running shorts for a while (we hear you), they’re pretty high-tech these days. Sweat-wicking, breathable, and quick dry are features to look for. We love reflector details for runs at dawn/dusk (whenever you can get the hell out for a few minutes) and we fully applaud the pocket details. And built-in briefs? YES. Underwear is sometimes built in so that you have one less thing to put on and one less thing to launder.

Ok mama, get dressed and get ready to hit the sidewalk, track, or trail if that’s more your speed. Here are some of the best running shorts for women to keep you dry and comfortable through all the miles you’ll accomplish this summer.

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