The Absolute Best Roller Skates For Women To Roll Through 2021

10 Roller Skates That Prove Summer’s Biggest Trend Is For Moms Too

July 21, 2020 Updated February 9, 2021

Roller Skates For Women

Are we really thinking about roller skates again? Yep. Quarantine has us doing a lot of things we never thought we’d do. Like baking 10,000 loaves of bread from scratch or wearing matching sweatsuits like our own moms did back in the ’80s (but ours are much cooler, of course). And now, apparently, like spending all of our free time bike riding and roller skating.

At least that’s what all the cool kids—and the cool adults—are doing these days, after the nostalgic trend made a comeback on TikTok (no shame, we’re guilty of spending hours scrolling through the app, too!). Maybe it’s because it’s an excuse to get outside after months of cabin fever, or maybe it’s because the newest adult roller skates are just so dang cute. We don’t care why it’s trending—we’re just excited to lace up and hit the road (or the rink) in our new cool skates.

To help you partake in your own skating sesh, we’ve rounded up the best roller skates for women— from the glittery to the glow-in-the-dark to the classic white leather. There are even adjustable roller skates for women, special outdoor roller skates, and more. So buy them now and they’ll actually fit no matter how wide or slim your feet are — no matter where you skate.

We know what you’ll be doing this weekend

Best Roller Skates For Beginners

Moxi Skates Beach Bunny Women's Roller Skates

The Beach Bunny Roller Skates by Moxi Skates are the go-to for many beginners. They’re durable, ultra comfortable, easily adjustable, and come in three adorable pastel color combos. “I love them! Everything from the packaging, the boot, the plate, the wheels, the laces, to the insole design are amazing.” said one Amazon customer. “I also love how these are vegan, I’ve been a longtime fan of Riedell and Moxi and I’m so excited to finally own a pair of Moxis.”


C7skates Premium Quad Roller Skates for Women

You can’t always get what you want, Mom, (hello, partner who doesn’t snore and a bank account that actually has enough left over for impulse Lululemon sprees) but sometimes you can—like with this adorable pair of roller skates that are equal parts cute and comfortable. In retro shades like aquamarine, lemon pop, and peachy keen, the faux leather C7 skates have a padded yet lightweight bootie that keep your feet snug and secure along with quad-style wheels and a toe stopper in the front (perfect for beginners!). One woman who purchased them said they’re hands-down the best thing she’s bought in quarantine so far.


Chicago Women's Classic Roller Skates

There’s just something about a pair of classic white skates that takes us back to the days of our youth spent starry-eyed watching Tara Lipinski float around the ice rink. While you may never win an Olympic gold, you can wear a similar pair of crisp white booties (albeit with wheels instead of blades). These vinyl ones from popular brand Chicago Skates have thousands of five-star reviews for feeling as good as they look—the high-top design provides ample support for your ankle while the adjustable collar lets you customize the perfect fit. As if all that wasn’t enough, did we mention the skates have hot pink wheels? Tara Lipinski who?!

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Roller Skate

Sure-Grip Roller Skates are a great option if you’re particularly looking for outdoor roller skates. The wheels are sturdy and smooth for a comfortable skate around the park. This Stardust Glitter design adds a perfect amount of personality if you don’t want anything too bright. (If you do, don’t worry. It comes in gold, pink, and blue glitter too). One review said, “The pictures don’t do these skates justice, they are so much more sparkly in person! They were just what I was looking for, and after the initial break-in, they fit like a dream and are very comfortable, fitting as expected. I use them for outdoor skating, and when the sun hits them the glitter sparkles so perfectly!”

$219.99 AT AMAZON

Moxi Skates Rainbow Rider Womens Roller Skates

This pair of Moxi Skates is specifically designed for roller skating beginners with a vibrant, retro style. The rainbow design is featured on both sides of the skates, on the laces, and includes a cloud-shaped tongue. After practicing in these, you’ll feel like you’re floating on air and skating among the clouds.

What makes these particular Moxi Skates great, is that they’re durable and made for daily use. It includes and adjustable toe stopper, extra ankle padding, and a curved collar to ensure comfort and support.

$249.95 AT AMAZON

Best Roller Skates For Women

Angel Dust Halographic Roller Skates

Everyone knows that it’s not about how well you roller skate—it’s about how good you look while you’re doing it. A.k.a. if you haven’t strapped on skates since you were a teenager all those years ago you better have an eye-catching pair like this one to distract everyone from the fact that you’re one second away from face-planting. Not only are the booties coated in a halographic glam finish, but the wheels have more than their fair share of style, too. And yes, they’re 100 percent made for adults—because why should kids get to have all the fun?


Impala Sidewalk Womens Roller Skates

Growl power, but make it 2020. That’s what you get with this pretty pair of Impala roller skates, which have a leopard print design covering the entire boot (There’s never too much, okay?). The skates are also available in solid colors like in baby blue, pink, and yellow — as well as other patterns like floral (our favorite) and pastel rainbow. Impala Rollerskates are lined with a plush cloth, with alloy truck and baseplate so you can skate laps around all the teeny boppers (those hours you spent on the elliptical are seriously about to pay off. One customer raved, “These skates were very comfortable from day 1. I can wear them for hours and they don’t hurt my feet at all. They are so supportive. Also they don’t make my feet sweat. They ride smooth indoors and outdoors although right now I am only using them indoors. I get tons of compliments.”

$129.95 AT AMAZON

BTFL Pro Roller Skates for Women

From the color to the faux suede material, these roller skates by BTFL will make you feel like you’ve re-entered the 70’s. Perfect for dancing outside, skating around the roller rink, and a casual stroll outside. The classic figure skater look limits all bulkiness, leaving a lightweight and comfortable roller skate. “I am extremely pleased with these skates!!! Not only they are gorgeous and well made but they feel amazing! The comfort is much more than I expected! Cushions and padding all around the material, I absolutely adore the little designs on the back of the ankle area and the little blue heart on the back strap!” said one Amazon reviewer. ” Beyond what I expected:) I knew they were going to be nice, but these exceeded by far all my expectations!”

$189.95 AT AMAZON

Gets Women's Canvas Roller Skates

Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to let go of her tennis shoes, so why should you have to when you roller skate? These canvas, Chuck Taylor look-a-like roller skates proves that roller skates can go with any style. And if you’re looking for a little more flare, light up wheels are available too. Have fun, mama! One happy customer reviewed the skates and said, “I skate a lot & I freakin love these skates! They are perfect! The quality is great, exactly what you would expect for the price. The light-up wheels are so nice, I’ve gotten so many compliments on these skates! Best purchase ever!”

$89.95 AT AMAZON

Roller Derby Candi Girl Sabina Artistic Roller Skates

Roller skating is fun but roller skating in neon pink—or bright teal—skates is just a whole new level of excitement. That’s what your child will get to experience with this pair, which has over 1,100 rave reviews on Amazon. Not only do the retro high-top booties have a soft, padded lining but both skates also have a non-marking toe stop and four sturdy wheels that make turning, cruising, and stopping all a breeze for your little beginner. Take it from this mama: “My daughter screamed the moment she opened the box and saw these skates. She says they fit comfortably and glide smoothly—she’s constantly stopped by people asking about her skates!”

$79.99 AT AMAZON

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