11 Comfy Pairs Of Sweat Shorts That You Can Actually Wear In Public

by Michelle Sparks
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Champion Sweat Shorts

If there’s one good thing that came out of 2020, it’s the rise in popularity of loungewear — women’s sweat shortS in particular. No longer do we have to squeeze ourselves into skinny jeans or cram our blistered feet into heels. Nope—this year has granted us permission to wear slouchy sweats, cozy slippers, and oversized T-shirts all day, every day. It’s a mama’s dream.

The hot weather is finally upon us and it might be time to up your sweat shorts game. Super soft, super breezy, and above all, super comfy. They’re exactly what you want to be wearing all summer long, whether you’re hanging out at home or you’re out running errands. And we’re not just talking about groutfits (which is an all-gray sweatsuit, in case you didn’t know)—we’re talking about shorts with pretty patterns, neon colors, and even tie-dye. Because gray sweats are a gift for boyfriends after a few months, but we can have a lot more fun with it when we treat ourselves.

To help you Netflix and chill in quarantine-chic style this season, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best sweat shorts for women you can buy right now. Below are our top picks, including the ever-popular Lou & Grey shorts, Nike shorts, and the more budget-friendly options from Amazon.

Best Women’s Sweat Shorts

High Waisted Sweat Shorts for Women

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