New Couch? Not Now! Freshen It Up (& Cover Stains) With These New Throw Pillows

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Couch Throw Pillows

We all walk into rooms in our own homes and dream about changing up the look (or throwing out everything). What we don’t want to do is invest a ton of time, money, or effort into it. With a quick, inexpensive fix in mind, we searched up what’s new in throw pillows. They may seem less exciting than that fancy new royal blue velvet couch you’ve been eyeing (that your kids will probably destroy within five minutes), but they require a lot less commitment. With the right colors and patterns, throw pillows can not only refresh a couch, but they can also upgrade a whole room, and if you get bored of one, you can just swap it out or move it somewhere else. Plus, you can strategically place them to cover up any stubborn stains from spilled food (those kids), arts and crafts gone awry (kids again), or red wine (that one’s on you).

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Ahead are eight of the best decorative throw pillows to instantly refresh your couch and home. And because some of these options are just the covers, we’ve also included one pillow insert (also, you can never have too many cushions). Now go ahead and spruce up that worn-out sofa (should we blame the kids again?). We’re placing a bet that your husband won’t be able to guess what’s “new” in the room.

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