These Realistic, Interactive Cat Toys Are Purrfect For Kids Who Aren't Ready Fur The Real Thing

by Keri Pina
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Interactive cat toys for kids that are cute and realistic are the next best thing to getting a real pet — and that’s coming from someone who grew up with tons of cats as a kid. Although they’re notoriously independent, cats do require work. They have to be fed, taken to the vet, and someone’s gotta clean that litter box. I was totally the kid who begged for a pet then made my parents do all the dirty work. So if you don’t want your kid to be a deadbeat kitty mom like me, cat toys for kids that offer realistic interaction are a great tool to prepare them for the real thing.

Whether it be walking dog toys that need to be “fed” or crying baby dolls that need to be rocked or changed, I’m a fan of any toy that inspires caregiving from a young age. Responding to the needs of living things is life’s most valuable skill IMO, so the sooner kids can practice it, the better! That’s why doctor toys are so popular with our mini-humans. Kids get it!

So here are the best interactive cat toys for kids. And yes, some of them require cleanup.

Best Interactive Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys For Kids


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