12 Best Kids Doctor Kits That Are Fun And Educational 2021

These Toy Doctor Kits Will Prep Your Little One For Med School

January 5, 2021 Updated February 26, 2021

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Giving your little one a doctor play set might sound kind of silly in an adorable way, but it’s actually an excellent toy option for curious minds. Doctor sets for kids are fun for them to play with because children, especially toddlers, absolutely love to play with items that they see adults using all the time—you know, the things we find to be boring and uninteresting. A toy doctor kit can also be really educational: as they play with each piece, they’re probably going to ask you questions about them. It’s a great time to teach them some medical basics so that they learn how each item is really supposed to work.

For kids who are terrified of going to the doctor, a doctor set toy may help alleviate the fear. Once they start playing with the tools they see their real life doctor using, they might start to find these items less intimidating and more interesting. And if they get to dress in a little doctor outfit, they’ll probably love seeing an actual doctor in front of them. It could even make them excited for future appointments!

A toddler doctor kit makes a great gift as little ones grow up and begin to understand the world around them a bit more. There are lots of options for doctor toys out there, but we read reviews and checked out all the details to find some of the best kids doctor kits out there. Check them out:

Liberry Store Durable Doctor Kit for Kids

This set comes with 23 pieces, which is basically everything your little one will need. Each toy included is made of durable ABS plastic materials, and these are non-toxic, BPA-free, and odor-free, so they’re totally safe and strong enough to withstand the roughness of toddler play. There are all the basic doctor tools in here, as well as a coat, hat, and a storage box to keep everything in one place.

$22.95 ON AMAZON

JOYIN Kids Doctor Kit

If you feel like you need more than 23 pieces, opt for this highly rated option, which has 31 pieces. You’ll get all different pretend-and-play medical supplies, as well as a coat and the cutest little clipboard there is. As reviewers note, some of the pieces have electronic features as well, like the stethoscope, which lights up and makes a thumping heart beat sound when pressed against something. This set includes basically everything and is an excellent value.

$19.99 ON AMAZON

Kidzlane Store Durable Kids Doctor Kit

For something smaller, there’s this set, which is only 12 pieces, but is still really fun for kids to play with. The cell phone plays different sounds and the stethoscope gives off an authentic heart beat and coughing noise. These are super durable pieces that all have their own spot in a handy carrying case to stay organized.

$23.99 ON AMAZON

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Some of these sets include tons of pieces that might be too small for a young toddler (or just too much in general), but this Fisher-Price set is different. It’s smaller, with larger pieces, making it ideal for younger toddlers. There are seven basic medical toys, as well as the sweetest little carry bag. This is an excellent starter kit for little ones who are starting to take an interest in this kind of toy.

$16.99 ON AMAZON

Doc Mcstuffins Toy Hospital Doctor's Bag

If you have a Doc McStuffins fan in your life, then you definitely need to get them this adorable kit. The pink and purple bag looks exactly like the one used by Doc McStuffins in the Disney Channel show. It includes an electronic stethoscope, stickers, a name tag, and three other toy tools; any fan of the show will appreciate all of the cute detail added.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Doctor/Dentist Wellness Center

For something more extravagant, opt for this Melissa & Doug wellness center, which allows your child to basically replicate their doctor’s office in their own house. This wooden play space comes with 37 different pieces that make the whole toy set feel very realistic, including x-rays, a height bar, a sink, a play ice pack, bandages, and so much more. This cute set will make them feel like they just graduated medical school (even if they don’t know what that is).

$160.79 AT TARGET

TSOMTTO Doctor Cart Kit

The star of this set is the multifunctional cart that is easy for your little one to push all over the house. It also comes with a whole bunch of pretend medical tools and a doctor coat and hat so that they can fully get into character. This is a great alternative to the large wellness center above, since it’s smaller and more portable, and it’s still a step up from a bag of toys.

$38.99 ON AMAZON

Imagination Generation Dr. Maple's Medical Kit

For those who prefer wooden toys over plastic, there’s this fun kit. It comes with 10 handy tools, all made of natural materials that you can feel good about your child using (and potentially sticking in their mouth, as kids do). Everything is super sturdy and isn’t going to fall apart, no matter how rough your little one is.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sing-a-Song Med Kit

For really little ones, there’s this Fisher-Price option, which is great for babies as young as six months old. The case comes with a few different doctor tools, and it also plays 25 different learning songs, tunes, and phrases that very young toddlers will love. This is probably too simple for an older child, but again, it’s great for the babies.

$49.99 ON AMAZON

LOYO Medical Kit for Kids

Most toy doctor kits are focused on  general medical doctor tools, but this one is a dentist kit, which is a really adorable alternative. It comes with 35 pieces of toy dentist tools, like two teeth, and also a coat, hat, and glasses. It has everything they need to play dentist, and a convenient carry case to store it all.

$23.99 ON AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set

This Melissa & Doug doctor kit is a classic, with 25 pieces of basic toy doctor tools, including some items that other kits don’t have, like a healthy eating booklet and an ID badge. It has a handy tote to make cleanup easy that your child will love bringing all over the house—and maybe out as well.

$30.00 ON AMAZON

Litti City Doctor Kit for Kids

This 11-piece set is a bit more minimal than some other sets, but it’s perfect for the family who doesn’t want too many extra toys laying around. It comes with a realistic looking doctor coat, eyeglasses, a medical storybook, a name tag, and six bandages.

$23.97 ON AMAZON

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