21 Best Cookie Cutters For A Fun And Festive Holiday, 2021

The Most Unique And Fun Cookie Cutters To Make Baking Extra Festive This Season

October 9, 2020 Updated February 11, 2021

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is busting out our best cookie cutters and baking with our kids. Putting on our apron and setting up our fancy baking gear that gets a workout only once a year while our kids teeter on their pint-sized step stool. (Okay more like flour all over the counters and icing dripping down the cabinets, but it’s still awesome and magical and delicious!) We all have our classic heart, star, and tree cookie cutters that serve us well from year to year, but why not mix things up this season? The cookie cutter market is saturated with just about every shape, style, and design we could imagine and then some. (Seriously there are some things that just shouldn’t be on a cookie!)

When shopping for cookie cutters there are not only so many options to choose from, but also so many materials. Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and plastic — so what’s the difference? Plastic and aluminum cookie cutters don’t last as long as the other options, but are great for kids (especially the plastic ones) — yet are more difficult to cleanly cut dough. When the shapes are ones we love and want to pass on to our kiddos, copper cookie cutters are the way to go. Stainless steel will provide durable cutters that slice through the best sugar cookie dough with ease, but will rust if not dried immediately after washing.

Baking cookies for friends and family is a past-time that we mamas love to share with our kids and gives us much-needed downtime in an otherwise hectic holiday season. We’ve rounded up our picks for the best cookie cutters of 2021 to inspire even the biggest Scrooge to get into the kitchen. We promise there are some funny ones too, because let’s face it, we all could use a good laugh right about now.

All-Around Best Cookie Cutters

Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutters Set

When baking with the littles, plastic cookie cutters are truly magic. They’re dishwasher safe and safe for little fingers too. Wilton’s 101 Piece Cookie Cutter Set has something to offer for every holiday and then some (like fun alphabet letters). Included cutters cover Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, and even Super Bowl Sunday!

$16.49 AT AMAZON

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters 7-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set with Recipe Booklet

No one does cookie cutters better than Ann Clark. This family- run business has been cutting out fun and creative shapes for the past 30 years, all while offering the most delicious recipes in cute packaging. This is the optimal starter set for anyone looking to replace older plastic cookie cutters or give as a gift to a younger generation of aspiring bakers with 7 classic winter holiday shapes and recipe booklet with ideas for both dough and frosting.


Homy Feel Mini Geometric Shaped Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set

Cookie cutters can be for so much more than just sweet, sugary dough once a year. We love this box set of geometric shapes from Homey Feel, which can be used to make an amazing fruit platter in the summer. Cutting melons and other fruit with cookie cutters not only pretties up trays, but also makes the fruit itself look extra special.


Best Holiday Cookie Cutters

Build a Snowman Kit Cookie Cutter

Do you want to build a snowman? We do! We love this 10- piece 3D printed complete Build A Snowman Kit from BobbisCutters on Etsy. The kit includes a top hat, snow cap, scarf, beard, carrot nose, branches for arms, bow tie, and mittens — everything needed to build the best snowman!


Fred NINJABREAD MEN Cookie Cutters, Set of 3

We all have our gingerbread cookie cutters, but Fred and Friends have brought excitement to the classic shape with this Set of 3 Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters. For an action- packed snack (we can see it now, the kids doing more playing than eating) or to spice up the holiday dessert conversation these make food fun.


Aviv Judaica Hanukkah Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters

We love Aviv’s Stainless Steel Hanukkah Cookie Cutters as a Hanukkah gift for your favorite baker or as something to do with the kids one night. This boxed set includes familiar shapes like a Menorah, Dreidel, Maccabee Shield, Candle, and Star of David and made out of a material that will last for years to come. Pro-tip: remember to dry the cookie cutters right away to prevent rust.


Ann Clark Ugly Wool Sweater Cookie Cutter

We think Ann Clark’s Ugly Sweater cookie is the perfect decorating task for the kids (or any mamas who are not Pinterest worthy bakers) where icing detail doesn’t matter. Go ahead, let them layer on the Red Hots and silver sprinkles to their heart’s content! Think of this as a 2020 replacement for ugly sweater parties, drop and run ugly sweater cookies.


3 Piece Mini Ginger House Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter

Just before Santa comes this Christmas Eve, pop in a movie and whip up a batch of hot cocoa. Then top it with an adorable mini gingerbread house made by assembling the pieces of this 3-Piece Christmas House Cookie Cutter Set. We love the idea of letting the kids decorate them and then packing them up as gifts with hot chocolate mix and a cute mug.


7 Piece Christmas Story Cookie Cutter Set

“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!” We all live in fear of becoming that parent from our most favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story. Now while we’re binge watching it on TBS for 24 hours straight we can also be binge eating cookies in infamous shapes straight from the movie from The Cookie Cutter Shop on Etsy (yup even the leg lamp and the bunny suit!).


Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Extra Large Vintage Pickup Truck with Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

Every classic Christmas movie has the iconic shot of the station wagon with the tree tied to the roof. Now, thanks to Ann Clark, we can relive those sweet memories (even when we put up a fake tree) with the Vintage Pickup Truck With Tree Cookie Cutter. Go ahead, inspire the nostalgia of loved ones this holiday season.


Reindeer Cookie Cutter

Sweet and simple (so simple the kids can do it without help!) this Reindeer Cookie Stamp from the Not Too Cookie Cutter Shop on Etsy produces beautiful cookies every time. After using the included measuring guides to assure proper thickness, simply press and release the dough into perfectly shaped cookies.


Merry Christmas Cookie Stamp

The Merry Christmas Detailed Cookie Cutter from 3DKamotion on Etsy delivers a simple, straight-to-the-point message in a very detailed way. In order to optimize the design when using a detailed cookie cutter, 3DKamotion notes, “For more complex designs, press down on one side of cutter, lift a little (not completely off), press down on the other side of the cutter, lift off a little, then press down on all sides and wiggle cookie cutter off of dough.”


Most Unique Cookie Cutters

Champagne Bottle and Glass Cookie Cutter Set

This cookie cutter set from SweetPrintsInc. on Etsy is perfect for the Mama baker that’s ready to celebrate. From New Year’s Eve to Birthdays, these mini champagne bottles and glasses will make a great addition to your cookie cutter collection.


Face Mask Cookie Cutter

Because it’s 2020, need we say any more? Commemorate the chaos on a cookie or simply make a delicious treat to thank all our essential workers this holiday season and beyond. Imagine our kids finding this cookie cutter in a drawer in 10 years? Here’s hoping it’s like looking into a time capsule!


Fred SNACK ATTACK! Shark and Surfer Cookie Cutters

These already-been- eaten Snack Attack! Shark and Surfer Cookie Cutters from Fred and Friends give us a laugh every time. Imagine the look on your kids faces when they see there is a bite missing from their cookie and it wasn’t Mom! These fun cutters will wow at birthday parties and beyond for guests both young and old.

$11.50 AT AMAZON

The Child (Baby Yoda) Cookie Cutter

What better way to cement pop culture domination then to do it on a cookie? The Mandalorian’s The Child (Baby Yoda) Cookie Cutter from 3Doohickeys on Etsy is the perfect cut out creation for every future Star Wars- themed birthday party or just because your kids want cookies and it’s May the 4th.

$10.40 AT ETSY

9 Piece Fiesta Pinata Cinco de Mayo Cookie Cutter Set

Speaking of May the 4th, on May the 5th otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo this themed 9 Piece Fiesta Pinata Cookie Cutter Set from The Cookie Cutter Shop on Etsy has something for the whole family. From the maracas to the piñata and the margarita glass these cookie cutters are as much fun to eat as they are to make.


Novelty Cookie Cutters

R&M International Hand Shaped Cookie Cutters

We love R & M’s 3 Piece Hand Shaped Cookie Cutters, which take the idea of mommy and me to a whole new level. What fun to bake treats in the kitchen with our LOs and let them cut out hand shaped cookies and cupcake toppers of their own size. Perfect for preschool parties and baby showers, these are sure to delight.

$10.49 AT AMAZON

Personalized Paw Print Dog Cookie Cutter

For all the dog moms in your life (yes we used to throw dog birthday parties too before kids), why not embrace their love with this Personalized Paw Print Dog Treat cookie cutter from ThreeDGeek on Etsy? If baking homemade dog treats is more your style, this cutter will also work for the best peanut butter banana dough you can muster.


Ann Clark TURKEY Metal Cookie Cutter

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this year with less of a crowd, there might be less demand for all those pies. Why not serve turkey themed cookies with this cookie cutter from Ann Clark? Big enough it can count as an actual Thanksgiving dessert, but small enough you can have more than one!

$2.15 AT ETSY

Custom Text Cookie Cutter

We have so much to be thankful for this year, why not put it on a cookie? This Custom Text Cookie Cutter from NotTooCookieCutter on Etsy is the ideal holiday hostess gift with or without the cookies. Simple phrases like “Thanks for all you do” or “Be Merry” spread the power of positivity in a delicious way.


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