11 Best Cradle Cap Brushes For Babies That Moms Swear By

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Best Cradle Cap Brushes

The best cradle cap brushes are designed to gently exfoliate Baby’s delicate scalp. But first, what is cradle cap? Turns out, it can often come out of nowhere. Suddenly, your newborn baby’s hair will get a little flaky, and it may cause you concern at first. But the truth is, cradle cap is very common. It also doesn’t hurt your newborn, and it goes away fairly quickly. When my daughter, who’s almost four, was just a newborn, she had a pretty bad case. Pair that with baby acne , and it seemed like she was “zero going on 13.” Only with a newborn do you realize how insane the human body can be — both yours and theirs.

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While cradle cap often solves itself within a few months, you may wonder what you can do to help speed up the process, and there is a solution. At the risk of sounding weird, we had a brush that helped loosen and slowly remove the flakes, and the activity itself was actually somewhat calming — it was like she was getting a soothing scalp massage. The grooming routine was also a way to feel like I was bonding with my baby in a new way. But also important? The method worked. It didn’t clear the condition up overnight, but it very visibly got better day by day. So the moral of the story, Moms and Dads, is to add a cradle cap brush to your Amazon baby registry, right alongside a set of baby-safe nail clippers, moisturizing lotion, and ear cleaners. (And side note: Don’t forget that baby bouncer that’s sure to save your sanity.)

Ahead, the cradle cap brushes that parents rave about, as well as detangling brushes to help keep the flakes at bay.

Best Cradle Cap Brushes

Best Baby Hair Brushes


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