The 8 Comfy Crib Mattress Pads To Protect Your Baby's Mattress

by Jessica Booth
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Crib mattress pads are essential for protecting the crib mattress you meticulously researched to ensure your baby has a safe and comfy place to snooze. When your little one is in their crib for the night, they might be sound asleep, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still capable of making a big mess you’ll be responsible for cleaning later on. Your baby could end up leaking out of their diaper, having a blow-out in the middle of the night, or spit up their last meal (really, the possibilities are kind of endless), and if there’s only a crib sheet between them and the mattress, that means the mattress is going to get dirty. And trust us: Cleaning a crib mattress pad is a whole lot easier than cleaning a mattress.

Crib Mattress Pad vs. Crib Mattress Cove

For the record: A crib mattress cover and pad can be one in the same and the terms are often used interchangeably. If we’re getting technical, pad usually consists of a soft or quilted layer for added comfort, but many products are both a pad and cover in one.

There are different styles, too. Some crib mattress pads are similar to a fitted sheet that wraps around the mattress, some have elastic corner straps to keep them in place, and others simply lie flat on a mattress and can be moved around. One important thing to keep in mind is that a crib mattress pad (or cover) always goes underneath a fitted sheet. Your best bet is to opt for something waterproof that will really keep stains and leaks at bay.

All that said, it is never recommended to pad your baby’s mattress with a plush or squishy layer, as this can become a suffocation risk. Only use products from trusted brands and never use any kind of gel, feather, or foam layer for infants (you’ll want to avoid padding the crib with blankets, as well). When in doubt, ask your pediatrician for recommendations.

Ready to shop? To narrow things down, we’ve selected the best crib mattress pads out there, and they’re all below.

Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads


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