Disney Character Face Masks Are Here, And Yes, There's A Baby Yoda

by Leah Groth
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Star Wars Mask

Disney is selling cloth face masks for the whole family featuring their most popular characters ranging from Baby Yoda to Queen Elsa

As face masks are becoming a required accessory across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retail brands across the country are scrambling to produce them. Lucky for us, The Walt Disney Co. is one of the many companies devoted to the effort. On Thursday, the company announced the launch of their very own cloth mask collection, which are available for pre-order on their website. And of course, all of the truly amazing creations feature the magic of Disney and everyone’s favorite Disney characters — including Queen Elsa, Mickey Mouse, and yes, Baby Yoda.

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“Disney is committed to serving the communities where we live and work. During these challenging times, we’re using the power of our timeless stories and beloved characters to address our guests’ needs for family-friendly reusable cloth face masks,” the brand explains on the Shop Disney website, where their mask sets are available for pre-order.

They also announced they will donating one million cloth face masks for children and families in “underserved and vulnerable communities” across the U.S. that will be distributed by MedShare, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that is dedicated to delivering medical equipment and supplies around the world. “Disney will also donate all profits from the sales in the U.S. of Disney’s cloth face masks to Medshare, up to $1 million, now through September 30, 2020,” they added.

They are sold in sets of four for $19.99 a pack and feature a variety of your favorite Disney characters. There is Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pixar, and Marvel themed packs, as well as ones that will literally replace your mouth and nose with those of your favorite characters, including Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, and Stitch. They are also available in a variety of sizes, small to large, so they will fit the whole family. The only drag is that they won’t ship until June, so you will have to wait a month to get yours.

“We realize this is a challenging time for families and wearing any type of mask can be daunting,” Edward Park, senior vice president, Disney store and shopDisney, said in a statement shared on Good Morning America. “Our hope is that Disney’s cloth face masks featuring some of our most beloved characters will provide comfort to the families, fans and communities that are so important to us.”

These Disney face masks are a fool-proof way to get your kids — as well as any other stubborn Disney fans in your family — to join in on the battle against COVID-19.

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