Dog Crate Furniture Is A Thing, And It's Pretty Genius

by Megan McCarty
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best dog crate furniture

We can hear it now: a guest asking, “Wait, is that dog crate furniture or is it a side table?” Well, it’s both. We’ve gathered the best pieces of dog crate furniture – kennels that look like end tables, crates that look like credenzas, you get the idea – so you can combine two furniture must-haves and spare yourself from ruining your living room design with an ugly crate.

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Unlike most dog crates, which are oftentimes made out of plastic or metal, dog crate end tables are generally crafted from wood, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Plus, think of all (!) the (!) space (!) you’ll be saving.

Some things to think about as you’re shopping for dog crate furniture: since the furniture is often made of wood, these aren’t a good match for little pups still kennel training, who scratch or chew. Kennel furniture is best for mature, well-trained dogs who enjoy a more enclosed space. (Dogs need privacy too! And so do teens. And so do moms, which is why we lock ourselves in the bathroom…) Be ultra conscious of the size of the crates too. You’ll want one that’s large enough for your doggo to be able to stand up and turn around in.

Convinced? Scroll on for our 11 favorite pieces of dog crate furniture.

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