The Best Dog Crate Furniture of 2021, According To Dog Moms

The Best (And Most Aesthetically-Pleasing) Dog Crate Furniture For Your Pooch

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We can hear it now: a guest asking, “Wait, is that dog crate furniture or is it a side table?” Well, it’s both. We’ve gathered the best pieces of dog crate furniture – kennels that look like end tables, crates that look like credenzas, you get the idea – so you can combine two furniture must-haves and spare yourself from ruining your living room design with an ugly crate. 

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Unlike most dog crates, which are oftentimes made out of plastic or metal, dog crate end tables are generally crafted from wood, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Plus, think of all (!) the (!) space (!) you’ll be saving. 

Some things to think about as you’re shopping for dog crate furniture: since the furniture is often made of wood, these aren’t a good match for little pups still kennel training, who scratch or chew. Kennel furniture is best for mature, well-trained dogs who enjoy a more enclosed space. (Dogs need privacy too! And so do teens. And so do moms, which is why we lock ourselves in the bathroom…) Be ultra conscious of the size of the crates too. You’ll want one that’s large enough for your doggo to be able to stand up and turn around in. 

Convinced? Scroll on for our 11 favorite pieces of dog crate furniture.

Best Dog Crate Furniture

New Age Pet ECOFLEX Dog Crate

Say we’re coming over to your house, bottle of wine in hand, to watch the latest Real Housewives of Potomac. Chances are we’ll be halfway through the episode and at least a glass of wine into the night before we realize that your side table – this side table – doubles as a dog crate. It’s that discrete. It’s made of ECOFLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic wood-polymer composite material guaranteed not to warp, crack, or split. It comes in four sizes (small – extra large) and perhaps best yet, assembly is ultra easy and doesn’t require tools.

Take it from one Amazon reviewer, who says this is a great product for the right furbabies: “We have had them up a couple months now and they are still brand new without any chewing of wood or even scratches. My dogs are kenneled up to six hours at times with no issues.”


Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate & Gate

We’re all about multifunctional products, and this is a perfect example. First, this dog (and cat!) crate offers a comfy, contained place for your four-legged friend to sleep. But when it’s play time, you can unfold the crate to create an adjustable gate, so you can close off doorways or rooms. How genius is that? Assembly is ultra easy, and doesn’t require any tools; simply slide the wood panels together to use it as a kennel and use the small pins (included) to set it up as a four-panel fence.


Best Pet Crate End Tables

Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate

This dog crate/end table is a good fit for little pups, 25 pounds or lighter. The chew-resistant solid wood means it’s pet-safe, durable and going to last. It’s also easy to clean. (Mom’s favorite words!) A simple wipe of a damp cloth will do. This kennel dog crate is available in four colors: white, espresso, walnut and black. Just remember to lay down a small dog bed or blanket to make sure your four-legged friend is comfortable. 

One Amazon reviewer says, “Exactly what I wanted! Works perfectly as a cute nightstand and allows my pup to have a little room to herself without having an ugly kennel in my space.”

$129.79 AT AMAZON

zoovilla Medium Slide Aside Crate and End Table

Chic! This dog crate end table could easily fit into most living room designs. It’s outfitted with a wide table top, perfect for a potted plant or setting a drink down. The door of this kennel side table can open two ways: either via a hinge or a slide that seamlessly becomes “invisible” on the interior of the crate. It’s made of MDF with solid wood veneer and metal rod construction, so you can trust that it’s steady. If white’s not your favorite, it’s also available in black.

$237.14 AT AMAZON

Modern Dog Crate Furniture

Archie & Oscar Brooke Medium Corner Credenza Pet Crate

This piece is a serious investment, but your pup is worth any amount of pennies, right? If an end table kennel is too small for your dog, go big and go home with a credenza. It fits in any corner of your house, and is made from hardwood birch with steel rods and a barn door-style entrance with a secure latch. This one is intended for big doggos (i.e. those who weigh almost or more than you do). You can also choose from 23 different finishes, so it’s bound to match your space.


Frisco "Broadway" Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Can you even with this picture?? We’re convinced to throw down on this dog crate credenza just because of that cute pup in the pic, and we’re doubly convinced because of its beautiful, stylish design. It includes two crate mats for double the comfort, and sturdy double locks so even Houdini-like hounds would be safe and secure. This kennel credenza means serious business: it weighs over 100 pounds and requires two people to carry and assemble it.


MidWest Homes for Pets Eillo Folding Outdoor House

Say it together now: cuuuuuute! Sure, this dog house is intended for outside, but we’re imagining it as a sweet little home for your pup in a mudroom or heated garage too. (As long as they don’t need to be contained with a gate.) This dog house is best suited for small dog breeds, up to 25 pounds, and can handle light storage or decor on top too. No tools are required for assembly, and it can be set up instantly simply by unfolding it. Ta da! This Amazon reviewer confirms the insanely easy assembly: “Wow! So easy to set up! Really no tools needed. My Louie got right in and took a nap!”

$139.99 AT AMAZON

Best Dog Crate Nightstands

PawHut Furniture Style Wood Dog Crate End Table

How cute is this blue/grey-painted wooden dog crate? The diagonally slanted bars are not only aesthetically interesting, but they give the kennel extra strength and better ventilation for your four-legged friend too. It’s easy to assemble and light-weight, so you can easily move it around as needed. It’s best suited for small to medium sized kennel-trained dogs. We’re imagining this as a nightstand, so you can keep your pup close at night and your design sense intact. 

$159.99 AT AMAZON

unipaws Double Door Dog Crate

Wouldn’t this dog kennel design look particularly slick as a nightstand? (We think so.) It’s made of strong wood and metal side panels, so it was built to last. It also comes with a padded, removable dog bed so your pup is extra comfy. We especially love the double door design, with two entrances and exits for easy accessibility. Like many of the kennels featured, this one is meant for smaller dogs.

$262.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kennel End Tables

unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table

Part dog crate + part beautiful piece of furniture = we 100% love it! The top is a smooth, wide spot you can use as an end table for plants, picture frames, lamps, glasses of wine, more glasses of wine – you know, the usual. The metal enclosure bars are chewing-puppy friendly, though the wood is not, of course. This style is available for large, medium, and smaller dogs!

This Amazon reviewer is happy with it: “Did tons of research before buying because these furniture style crates are not cheap. Decided on this one based purely on the aesthetic and it seemed higher quality and I really like it. It doesn’t look like the monstrous wire crates you typically find at the pet store. It was very easy to assemble and my two small dogs happily go into it when it’s time for bed.”

$379.99 AT AMAZON

Petsfit Indoor Dog House with Wire Door

This indoor dog house isn’t as inconspicuous as the other pieces of dog crate furniture we’re featuring, but that’s part of the charm. It’d work as an end table or console table, while also (and most importantly) housing your furry friend. This dog crate is made from pine wood with a lockable iron door, so it was built to be  long-lasting and easy to clean. It best fits small- to medium-sized dogs.

$120.85 AT AMAZON


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