Just Some Chic Sunglasses Chains That Double As Mask Holders, Because 2020

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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It’s pretty safe to say that almost no one expected face masks to become the must-have accessory of 2020 but alas, here we are. With face coverings required in public in any number of cities and states to slow the spread of COVID-19, fashion brands have jumped on the non-medical mask bandwagon. In addition to the flood of fashionable face coverings, another trend has emerged: enter the eyewear retainer, or sunglasses chain — or as it’s now also known, the mask chain.

It was only a matter of time before mask accessories became a trend, really. Anything that helps make these “unprecedented times” a little more bearable—and wearable—right? We have to find joy where we can these days, which helps explain the surge in eyewear retainer styles. A stylish sunglasses chain, strap, or lanyard helps make covering up convenient and cute— assuring that you’ll not only have your mask always at the ready (no running back to your house or car grab it), but you’ll infuse a little fashion personality while doing so.

The sunglasses chain actually fell back into fashion’s good graces last year, shedding its only-for-librarians-and-my-Nana rep and establishing itself as a bona fide trend. The return of the eyewear retainer strap was certainly timely, priming the accessory perfectly for its pandemic-era re-invention. Many of the options out now convert easily from glasses chains to mask straps to necklaces and back again, so you can still make use of them post-COVID (insert prayer hands emoji). Scroll on to shop 11 functional, fashionable picks you can wear now and later!

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Found a stylish sunglasses chain to secure your mask? Perfect! Now shop more fashion finds to stay cute during COVID times.


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