8 Best Fidget Cubes For Kids, Teens & Adults In 2021

The Best Fidget Cubes To Keep Hands Busy And Minds Calm

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The best fidget cubes for kids are great to have on hand because they’re not only a fun toy, but loads of parents say they help their kids by soothing nerves and providing some sensory stimulation. Interactive toys come in all varieties, from cat toys to toy cash registers. But fidget cubes are unique in that they’re typically played with while your child is doing something else, like homework or waiting for you to finish up in the Target self-checkout line. Keeping younger kids and toddlers busy with things like activity tables is great for building fine motor skills, but fidget cubes are more for slightly older children and adults. 

What is a fidget cube? 

A fidget cube is a plastic or metal handheld toy that has fidget tools on each side, like gears, joysticks, or buttons. Fidget cubes are both stimulating and distracting, and they’re satisfying to play with. You’ve probably heard of their cousin, the fidget spinner, which blew up around 2017. They were marketed as a tool to help kids stay focused at school, but they became so popular in the classroom that some schools literally banned them because they were causing too many distractions. 

Do fidget cubes help with ADHD? 

Although they’re marketed as a helpful tool for children with ADHD, there’s technically no evidence or concrete data to support the claim that fidget cubes or fidget spinners help kids focus better on tasks. But plenty of parents and teachers disagree and use fidget cubes and other sensory toys to keep their kids calm and engaged, or as part of a therapy program. 

Board-certified child psychiatrist Dr. Sheldon Zablow says “I have recommended and given out these toys for over 40 years and see them as a tool, among others, that can reduce anxiety and improve concentration.” But with so many different brands of fidget cubes out there, you might be asking yourself which is best for your child. “The type of toy matters less than ease of use, quietness, and feel,” says Dr. Zablow. “A child or adult will need to find the one that is best for them and to have a few handy in case one is misplaced. Digital fidgets are another good tool in the anxiety-reducing toolbox.”

Even if your kid doesn’t have issues with attention or anxiety, fidget cubes are so oddly satisfying that kids (and adults) love handling them. Some parents keep a few in the car so their kids have something to play with in a long drive-thru line, and they’re great for distracting a nervous child who is waiting to see the doctor or dentist. And even adults use them during meetings to give anxious hands something to do, because sometimes we all just need to be distracted for a few minutes, right? With that said, here are the best fidget cubes for kids (and adults) who love to keep their hands active. 

Best Fidget Cubes

Chuchik Fidget Cube and Carrying Case

With a faux woodgrain finish, this ABS plastic fidget cube has six sides of fidget tools to explore, including a spinning disc, joystick glide, and 3 quiet gears. It can be used with one hand for discrete play, and it comes with a durable case to protect those little buttons from the contents of your purse or backpack. If the woodgrain look is a little too sophisticated, it comes in 8 other color options, including camo!


WUQID Infinity Fidget Cube

Playable with one hand, this infinity cube is both small and lightweight, and comes in four different pretty pastel color options. It flips and folds forever with satisfying rattly clicks for people who like a little audible stimulation, too. One Amazon customer says her kids use it for school, writing, “my kids can just sit and manipulate them over and over while they are in their virtual school class. Very satisfying to continually make them change shape.”


FIDGET DICE 6 Sides Fidget Cube

This handheld fidget dice fidget toy manages to fit six different fidget tools including a joystick and a switch, and is made of ABS plastic and silicone. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and if your kid has grown out of their dinosaur phase, this dice toy also comes in 25 other color options. One Amazon customer got it for her child who was diagnosed with anxiety and says “he uses the fidget cube while doing learning lessons. It keeps his hands busy so his mind can focus. I have seen an improvement in his learning lessons,” and claims his teacher has, too. A few of the buttons are silent while others make noise, so it’s adaptable for different environments.

$10.88 AT AMAZON

Best 12-Sided Fidget Cubes

PILPOC theFube 12 Side Fidget Cube

Made of thick plastic and soft silicone, this 12-sided fidget cube has both audible sides and silent sides so your child can use it in quiet settings without distracting others. It offers 12 satisfying fidget tools like a joystick, finger massager, sliders, and triangle buttons. It also comes with a small protective case,  so you can throw it in a backpack worry-free.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

DoDoMagxanadu Dodecagon 12-Side Fidget Cube

Whether you like flicking, clicking, or rolling, this sleek black fidget cube with pops of bright orange is made of a durable ABS plastic, so you can fidget to your hearts content. Perfect for fidgeters who need options, this twelve-sided cube includes a silicon cord, rocker, switch, and it comes with a protective case, too.


Best Fidget Spinner Cubes

Tanch Fidget Spinner Speed Cube

Two toys in one, this spinner also has turning pieces, so you can switch up your fidgets to keep your fingers entertained. It’s less than two ounces, and the ABS plastic body is recyclable! One Amazon customer said it’s great for all ages, adding “I bought it for a 12-year-old’s birthday, but my college friends and I had a lot of fun with it, and his younger siblings enjoy the fidget spinner aspect of it plus would mix up the colors for him.”


CXCASE Fidget Spinner

With a gorgeous neon rainbow finish, this metal spinner cube is made with CNC metallic bearings and can spin in four different shapes. Customers on Amazon are loving it and call the weight and size “perfect.” It can spin like a top, Inception-style, or the corners can be removed to spin on their own.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

D-FantiX Fidget Spinner Cube

This spinner is like if a Rubix Cube was calming instead of infuriating. You can spin the sides easily (and silently) and the corner pieces have 10 steel balls for fast, smooth spinning. One customer said, “The fidget spinning is silent, smooth, and balanced, weight is perfect and is one of the better fidget spinners I’ve purchased.”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

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