Games, Toys & Shows That Make Learning *Fun*

by Ana Connery
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Few things make a mom more proud than secretly educating her kids without them even realizing it. We’re talking books, games, and toys that are so fun and entertaining, your kids won’t even notice they’re actually learning something. Sure it’s a little sneaky, but is there a mom out there who isn’t? Besides, it’s all in the name of education (we like to call it “edutainment,” a cross between education and entertainment). Who can argue with that?

From super-cute books that teach kids about important figures throughout history to classic games reinvented for today’s discerning kiddie tastes, the following books, games, and more promise to capture your kiddo’s attention AND leave them smarter, so you never have to feel guilty about saying “Yes!” to game time. Before you know it, your kids will be like little encyclopedias just spewing knowledge around the house— maybe even doing so in a second language.

Learning Toys, Apps & Games for Toddlers

Learning Toys, Apps & Games for Bigger Kids

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