Kids' Baking Sets & Junior Cookbooks For The Aspiring Baker Or Chef In Your Fam

by Anna Baboval
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Not only does learning to cook and bake give our kids the ability to feed themselves, but it’s also an avenue for creative exploration. Busting open a kids’ baking set is equivalent to setting up a science experiment — add the ingredients and see what happens! With so many online tutorials for cake decorating and cookie creation, our little chefs will be eager to test out the kitchen, even if they need a stool to help them reach, or a cooking dictionary for the new terms.

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Purchasing a proper kids’ baking set, not a play kitchen toy, gives them tools that are sized right and sets them up for success. Some of our favorite gifts as kids were our first bakeware and junior cookbooks. It all seems very grown up deciding on a recipe and then doing it themselves (okay, with some/all of our help). Creativity and critical thinking as well as real-world problem solving skills are developed as kids learn to cook and bake. And let’s face it, we might get out of making dinner once or twice a week — win, win!

We’ve picked out our favorite selection of kids’ bakeware and kid-friendly cookbooks packaged for gifting, but many with next-day delivery if Mama has a weekend project to get done. Grab an apron and let’s get the kids ready for all the fall and winter holidays!

Best Kids Real Baking Sets

Kids Cookbooks

Kids cookbooks are designed with simpler recipes, fewer directions and lots and lots of pictures. It may be tempting to hand over our copy of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, but think twice. Just like us, kids need to learn the basics of how to do everything from setting the oven temperature to the best way to hold a knife. The best kids cookbooks do a deep dive into building these skills with delicious recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

Best Kids Cookbooks

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