12 Best Baseball Gloves For Kids 2021: Toddler & Big Kid Baseball Gloves

The Best Baseball Gloves For Kids Who Want To Have A Ball

April 21, 2021 Updated June 10, 2021

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The best baseball gloves for kids are right here, and you’ve found them just in time. Springtime means the return of baseball season, and that means picking out baseball gloves for your sports-obsessed little leaguer. And, we don’t take this decision lightly. When it comes to athletics, there’s a lot to consider when picking out the right gear: For moms, it’s important to get items that are designed for your kiddo’s size and ability level. But for kids? Well, it has to look cool — and bonus points for anything that features a Disney character.

Whether you’ve got a kid starting baseball, basketball, soccer, or any kind of sport, you want them to be prepared. It’s important to make sure your little one stays hydrated with the right water bottle (in other words, one they’ll actually use). And keeping track of all that gear (cleats, balls, socks, jerseys, etc.) is a nightmare in itself. It’s just an unwritten rule that kids have to kick their shoes off as soon as they get in the car. It’s inevitable. So instead of buying a second pair of cleats after losing them under one of the seats, make sure they’ve got a great backpack or sports bag to keep all their stuff in one place in one place.

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When it comes to finding the right baseball glove for your mini shortstop, here are some factors to take into consideration: What is their throwing hand versus catching hand, what size fits them best, and what position do they play on the field? We’ve compiled a wide variety of different styles of baseball gloves, ranging from beginner T-ball gloves up to youth and even adult-sized mitts. So whether your kid prefers the basketweave webbing over the H-web, or they love the feel of genuine leather over synthetic material, there’s a little something for all players in this list.

Best Kids Baseball Gloves

Wilson 11" Youth A500 Series Glove

The Wilson A500 Series baseball glove with H webbing is designed with beginner players in mind. The 11-inch infielder mitt features an all-leather design, making it durable but also lightweight. And to make it more comfortable for small hands, the glove has been reconfigured with a smaller hand opening to provide a snugger fit and ultimately more control. You can purchase the mitt for a left-hand throwing orientation.


Mizuno 11" Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove

For your older kiddos who throw leftie and have already begun playing youth baseball, this 11-inch glove is perfect to have in their sports bag. It’s constructed out of full-grain pigskin leather for added durability. The back of the glove is also designed with air mesh making it breathable and more flexible. For catching, this particular glove features a tartan flex web. There is also a right-handed version available!

$37.00 AT AMAZON

Nike Youth 10'' Alpha Edge Glove 2020

This Nike 10″ Alpha Edge glove is great for young boys and girls alike. The all-black style with gold accents offers a sleek look that’ll match any team uniform. The palm is made from split-grain leather as well as added padding for some extra protection, while the back of the mitt features a breathable and durable mesh. With the help of an adjustable cuff, you don’t have to worry about the glove staying on tiny hands.

$32.97 AT NIKE

FerDIM Kids Baseball Glove

FerDIM offers a wide variety of sizes with their gloves. This one ranges from 9.5 to 12.5 inches, making it perfect for both early beginners and seasoned players. This style is only offered as a left-hand glove (right-hand throwing). There are a variety of colors to choose from, including your standard brown, a bright blue, pastel pink, and black. Each glove is constructed from high-quality, artificial cowhide and is held together with a durable leather cord for a classic look. And to avoid any abrasion and strain on tiny wrists, the inside features a cushiony sponge-like material as well as faux fur to help absorb sweat.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves

For any player who’s a fan of the Sandlot movie, this infield/pitcher glove from Rawlings is a must-have. Fans of the film will love the classic look of this glove, with its deep brown color and black leather lacing and catching web. This glove is offered in a variety of different styles and sizes, such as first base mitt, outfield, and a catcher’s mitt. And if you have a preference on the catching web, there are 6 different designs to suit your preference.

$79.99 AT AMAZON

adidas Youth 11.5" Triple Stripe Series Glove

Your little catcher will feel game-ready, thanks to the Triple Stripe Series Glove from adidas. The closed basket webbing makes it the perfect glove for all positions, which is great for beginners who don’t quite know where their spot on the field is yet. This 11.5-inch glove features a synthetic exterior that provides excellent breathability and flexibility. There’s an adjustable wrist closure to ensure a secure fit and a smooth palm so they’re ready to play from the get-go. You can purchase the mitt as either left-hand or right-hand throwing orientation.


Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series

Anyone who’s a fan of Kris Bryant will want to get their hand on this Pro Lite youth series baseball glove from Rawlings. The Pro Lite series offers a variety of colors and styles, all based on various pro MLB players. This particular mitt is an 11.5-inch infielder glove that’s designed for right-hand throwing. The H web leather lacing makes it even more ideal for 2nd base, 3rd base, and shortstop players. For smaller hands, the opening is tapered to offer a snug fit and greater control. As an added bonus, the glove is 90% broken in right out of the box, so your kiddo will be game-ready from the start.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Louisville Slugger 10" Girls' Genesis T-Ball Glove

For young girls who are interested in joining the T-ball team, this Louisville Slugger 10″ Genesis glove is a great beginner’s mitt. It’s made from genuine pigskin leather and ballistic nylon mesh for the back of the hand to provide both breathability and durability. And the weave-shape webbing makes it an ideal glove for all positions on the field.


Toddler Baseball Gloves

Wilson 10" T-Ball A200 Series Glove

For younger youth players, this 10-inch mitt from Wilson’s A200 Series is designed for all positions on the  T-ball field. It features an H web design and has a smaller hand opening to ensure a snug fit. Just note, this glove is only available in the right-hand throwing orientation.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball & Baseball Glove

For little ones ages 3-5 who are just getting into T-ball and baseball, this 9-inch, right-hand throwing glove is a great beginner’s glove. Rawlings also offers the same glove in 10 and 11.5 inches, which are ideal for kids ages 5-9. And if you need a left-hand throwing glove, they also have that fit as an option. Made from durable and lightweight textured vinyl, the glove is well balanced, making catching and quickly throwing a breeze for any player position.

$14.97 AT AMAZON

Franklin Sports Teeball Glove and Ball Set

This fun-colored T-ball glove is 9.5 inches and works best for young ones ages 3-5. The lightweight and soft mesh construction of the glove makes it easier on small hands to help introduce them to catching and picking up ground balls. There’s also no need to spend time breaking in the glove; the palm is designed to be ready-to-play right out of the box. A soft foam ball is also included, so playing catch indoors is possible and your tot can practice catching with something that won’t hurt their hand.

$13.95 AT AMAZON

Dick's Sporting Goods Backyard T-Ball Glove & Ball

First time T-ball players will love the bright colors of this Backyard Baseball Glove from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s made from lightweight PVC, nylon, and microfiber materials, making it ideal for tiny toddler hands. A soft training ball is also included with the mitt so they can practice catching something light without hurting their palm. You can purchase the mitt as either a left-hand or right-hand throwing orientation.


HAI+ 9.5" Beginner Baseball Glove

Our final glove to make the list can work for both toddlers and older children. Either way, this particular glove is a 9.5-inch mitt designed for beginner T-ball players. (The other sizes available range from 10.5 to 12.5 inches.) It’s made from high-quality artificial cowhide, making it very pliable while still being gentle on tiny hands. The weave-style webbing allows for this glove to be used in any position on the field, another bonus for beginners who are still learning their favorite spots on the field. This glove can be worn on the left hand for right-hand throwing and is also available in pink.

$15.69 AT AMAZON

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