The Most Fun, Sturdy, And Safe Sleds For Kids This Winter

by Anna Baboval
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As a mom, the thought of kids’ sleds brings up a brief second of sweet wintertime memories. Flying down a hill and tumbling into the snow and begging to do it again. Laps around the rink in our new ice skates, laughing while simultaneously sweating and freezing. Ahh the good ‘ole days. Then reality hits and we remember we’re the adult responsible for actually bundling up our babies in their snow boots, hats, snow pants, and mittens (the struggle is real!) all while praying the goods make it out of the snow piles and back inside. A sled is really just something to hold onto with a smooth surface to slide on snow. (How did they go from a baby bouncer to full on snow sleds already??) While everything from an empty pizza box to a lunchroom cafeteria tray can work (yes we’ve done it!), investing in a really good, heavy duty snow sled will make sure the fun doesn’t stop just because they hit an icy patch or the box gets soggy.

There are a variety of different style sleds from the classic flat bottomed toboggan, which can hold the whole family, to the small saucer style that provides a fast and wild ride down the hillside. Inflatable inner tubes have become increasingly popular for kids, but our summertime pool float can’t handle the double duty. When buying an inflatable, the material needs to be of heavy duty cold weather vinyl to stand up to the elements and last more than a few trips down.

With so many options out there it’s hard to know which one is the right one. We’ve curated our picks for best kids sleds for everyone from the baby heading outside into their first snowfall to the serious sledders who make a day of it. Mama get the hot cocoa ready and make sure they have both mittens (okay multiple sets of mittens) and have some fun!

Best Kids’ Sleds

Best Wooden Sleds

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