10 Awesome Swing Chairs That Kids Would Love Hanging In All Day Long

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best kids swing chairs
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Oh, hey! Thanks for swinging by. (Terrible joke, apologies.) If you want to score some major points with your youngsters, get them a kids’ swing chair. (Not to be confused with these actual outdoor swings or baby swings.) Swing chairs are both relaxing and fun — they offer a place to sit, of course, but they also SWING. Not like high enough for kids to jump off and pretend they’re flying/break their ankle, but enough to have a great time in an otherwise ordinary seating situation. So, will a swing chair be your child’s most favorite chair ever? Yes, yes it will. (These super fun lounge chairs might be a close second, though.)

A swing chair can be placed inside or outside, as long as there’s a sturdy place to hang it — whether that’s a beam in the ceiling, a hook, a porch, its own stand, or a tree branch. It all works! Kids’ swing chairs bring a cool factor to any room or outdoor space and adds some extra seating room too. It’s the perfect spot for your kids to cozy up with a book, a blanket, or just to sit in and swing around. Plus, a swing chair gives kids their own zone to chill — away from everyone else.

To help you choose the best one for your home, we rounded up some of the best swing chairs we could find in all kinds of various styles — from tent swings to hammocks to boho style to washable nylon for camping trips. Check out our top picks for the best swing chairs for kids below!

Best Kids’ Swing Chair

Best Indoor Kids’ Hanging Chair


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