13 Best Kids Wallpaper Designs 2021: Cool, Funny & Cute Wallpaper

Not Your Granny’s Wallpaper: Spruce Up Your Kids Room With These Adorable Wallpaper Designs

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Deciding on the right kids wallpaper for your child’s bedroom can be agonizing. There are just so many options, it’s damn near impossible to narrow them down to the wallpaper you and your kid are willing to look at every day for the next … however many years. After all, wallpaper can be expensive, is relatively labor-intensive to install, and it’s somewhat of a commitment. After all, you can’t just switch it out like you could a bedding set, a throw rug, or nursery wall decor, plus you’ll want something that goes with your kid’s bed frame (especially if it’s a cute house bed or a cozy loft).

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If wallpaper conjures memories of faded floral prints on your grandmother’s house, we’re happy to tell you that it’s come a long way from the ’80s and ’90s atrocities you probably grew up with (you know the stuff). Now, the best kids’ wallpaper transforms a regular room into a fun space that’s full of personality. It can be colorful, pretty, artsy, funny, cool, simple, bold, or texturized, but overall, it’s gotta be stylish. There’s no right or wrong wallpaper to choose — it’s whatever makes you and your kiddo happy.

And when it comes to the type of wallpaper you want to put up, you have choices. Traditional wallpaper requires paste and a roller brush to apply it to the wall. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great option for commitment-phobes because it’s easily removed and generally less expensive than the OG kind. (It’s basically like a giant sticker, only it shouldn’t damage the wall when it’s removed.) Wall murals are also fantastic for kids who change their minds frequently. They’re typically printed on a repositionable wall fabric material that can peel and stick, making less of a hassle for you if your child is indecisive.

To help narrow things down, we selected our top 14 favorite wallpaper options to decorate your big kid’s room. Scroll on for design inspo!

Best Kids’ Wallpaper

Chasing Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper Icons

You and your kid will love this peel-and-stick abstract print featuring all kinds of fun images. Pretzels, paperclips, and planets, anyone? There’s plenty to look at, that’s for sure, so when your child announces “I’m bored,” you can just tell them to stare at the wall for a while. The price reflects 2-foot by 4-foot panels and a neutral color palette means it won’t compete with other bold elements of the room.


Anewall Elsi Rainbow Wallpaper Mural

This sweet, simple, and pretty rainbow has a retro vibe that’ll bring any room to life. It’s available in two materials: pre-pasted and self-adhesive vinyl. The cool thing about this wallpaper (aside from the gorgeous design) is that you can buy samples before you commit.


Chasing Paper Constellation Map Removable Wallpaper

If there’s a perfect wallpaper for a kid who is fascinated by the night sky, this might be it. The deep navy sky and the metallic gold constellations are stunning. Since the color is so dark, it’s ideal for an accent wall, and it’s so classy, you my want to use it to spruce up your room, too. Sold by the panel, each one is 2 feet by 4 feet.


Overstock Watercolor Brush Splash Textile Removable Wallpaper

This watercolor wallpaper is colorful, playful, and fun without being too in your face. They’re sold in sets based on wall dimensions (there are six to choose from), and each comes with all the rolls you need for your entire wall.


Anewall and Celeste Clark Sunset Wallpaper Mural

If you’re going for a ’60s bohemian desert vibe, you found it with this earthy wallpaper. It’s important to note that this one can’t be cut or pieced together like traditional wallpaper because of the design, but it does come in six separate panels for easy installation. Choose from pre-pasted wallpaper, with the mural measuring 150 in by 108 in, and self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper, with the mural being 141 inches by 108 inches.


Funny Wallpaper For Kids

Somecallmebeth Alien Abduction Removable Wallpaper

Alien abduction wallpaper is definitely for the kid who doesn’t take life too seriously. This pre-pasted removable wallpaper is available in a sample size swatch just to, you know, make sure someone being abducted from their campsite goes well with the furniture (and doesn’t actually terrify your child). The company sells this wallpaper in three sizes. The price we listed is for the 2-foot by 9-foot option.


Wallinvogue Funny Giraffe Wallpaper

Chances are you’re going to be just as obsessed with this ridiculously adorable and hilarious giraffe wallpaper as we are. It comes in both regular or peel and stick wallpaper with nine different dimensions to choose from. If you aren’t ready to commit to giant giraffes staring at you, you can always try out a sample for $5.

$129 AT ETSY

KidsColoray Hipster Cats Wallpaper

The only thing better than one hipster cat wearing glasses is, like, 150 of them. And that’s exactly what you get with this wallpaper — plus some bow ties. It’s self-adhesive, removable, and reusable, and it comes in several different sizes.

$43.40 AT ETSY

DecorationBoutiqShop Funny Animals Wallpaper

Every time you walk into your kid’s room, you’ll be just as surprised to see these animals as they are to see you. They certainly aren’t subtle. Choose from several different dimensions (plus, “We make wallpaper of any size!” says the seller), along with either vinyl or vinyl with sparkles fabric.

$130.50 AT ETSY

Cool Wallpaper For Kids

Zoomie Kids Rocket Shop Wallpaper

Calling all parents of space fans! This How To Build a Rocket Ship wallpaper is for you — or rather, for your kids. Not only will it teach your kiddo how to build a rocket ship, it’ll spark imagination and an even deeper love of science. Can’t beat that (and hello, future rocket scientist!). The price listed is per square foot. To determine how many rolls you need, you can use the square footage calculator on Wayfair’s site.


VinylicStickersShop Ancient Castle Photo Wallpaper

Check out this ancient castle photo wallpaper that’ll certainly inspire your little prince or princess’ imagination (and yours, too). It’s the perfect way to live in a castle without actually living in a castle (rumor is, they’re drafty). You have a few options for dimensions and fabric, but the most noncommittal is always going to be the peel-and-stick option. You do you as far as the permanency level, but we are talking about ancient castle wallpaper here.


WallandSoul Dinosaur World Wallpaper

This dinosaur wallpaper is not your average dino land, and it’s actually pretty impressive. Not only is it fun for kids, but it’s really quite beautiful to look at. Plus, the colors aren’t bright or in your face, which we appreciate. Choose from self adhesive vinyl or non woven wallpaper and over 35 dimension options.

$35.91 AT ETSY

Overstock Historical Places and Hot Air Balloons Wallpaper

Now this textured, removable wallpaper is fun, colorful, and culturally relevant. It’s full of historical places, pretty hot air balloons, and gorgeous colors. Choose from six dimensions.


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