9 Outfits That Prove Mommy-And-Me Dressing Doesn't Have To Be Lame

by Leah Melby Clinton
Originally Published: 
Mommy And Me Dressing

Whether you were all in on identical dresses from the very first pee stick or surprised yourself by grabbing matching mommy and me outfits, there’s no denying the twinning look has some perks. For one, it makes for insanely cute pictures with your kids (and gives you a whole lot of options to choose from when it comes time to make holiday cards). The other benefit is how speedy it can make your mornings. Think of it like school uniforms: You don’t have to spend time considering what either of you should wear when you’ve got mommy and me matching outfits already perfectly coordinated for you.

Matching mother-and-daughter dresses is the go-to, but if you love a good theme—the theme being whatever you feel like, just multiplied by two—you can find so many other good picks. Mommy-and-me swimsuits? Hats? Pajamas? It’s an entire cottage industry. You don’t have to leave Dad (or Dog! or Sibling!) out of the fun either. Entire family sets exist, and whether you wear it for photos, vacation, or at home just because, we applaud your organizational outfit skills.

Hunting for more fashion for mom or kid? We’ve got you covered (literally).


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