The 18 Best 'Raya and the Last Dragon' Toys & Accessories For Your Little Warrior

by Amanda Davis
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We’re calling it now: Raya and the Last Dragon will be the new kid obsession of the summer. Get ready for family movie nights of watching it over (and over) again, the non-stop asking to dye their hair bright purple like Sisu, and the practicing of cool fighting moves all around the house. While some of the things on their wishlist may be unattainable (yes, we wish Tuk Tuk was real, too), there are a few Raya and the Last Dragon toys, games, and merchandise that you can get that will happily appease your little warrior.

As Sisu says, everyone loves a good gift — and we don’t just mean toys. We’re talking bed sheets, board games, full costumes, and more. If you are just looking for toys of their favorite characters from the film, we’ve got you covered there too (in doll, plush, and LEGO form). No need to head to Kumandra to find the good stuff! Below you’ll find the best Raya and the Last Dragon toys, games, and accessories around. Trust us, you’ll be the hero after you hand your kiddo any of these choices.

Best Raya and the Last Dragon Toys & Games

Best Raya Toys

Best Sisu Toys

Best Tuk Tuk Toys

Best Raya and the Last Dragon Accessories


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