8 Best Vibrating Panties That Will For Sure Get You Off 2021

It’s (Hands-Free) Sexy Time — Vibrating Panties Are How Busy Women Are Finding Pleasure… Better

July 31, 2019 Updated July 29, 2021

Best Vibrating Panty

The best vibrating panties are right here, ladies … recommended by women (and moms) who know. Pour a cocktail, press the button, and… you’re f***ing welcome. Vibrating panties are here to turn you on, chill you out, and remind you how good it feels to be you. There’s no better time to treat yourself (or your partner) to some naughty fun — not that you need an excuse to treat yourself to a little masturbation session.

If you’re new to the sex toy world, vibrating panties may seem a little intimidating. Don’t be intimidated, Mom — you pushed an entire human being out of your body. You can literally do and conquer anything. (Especially your own lady bits!) Vibrating panties work by getting you off, totally hands-free. You simply slip them on then either work the remote control yourself or put your pleasure in your partner’s hands. 

“Any toy can unlock sexual creativity, but panties have the advantage of going where you go, so you can range further than your bedroom when wearing them,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., a Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist. “They are awesome for going dancing (remember going dancing?) especially because there will be enough sound in the room to muffle the buzz. [Even while doing] housework! Why not?”

Queen also mentioned that vibrating panties are also potentially great for those who have hand strength or mobility issues. “Keep the vibrator where you want it,” she adds.

How can vibrating panties can help couples?

Well for one, they’re sexy and fun! Whether you’re an adventurous couple or looking to spice things up, Queen says that vibrating panties are a great option.

“There are some that are remote-controlled, so a partner can turn them on and off. Fun! As long as that use is negotiated first,” Queen explains. “These are a type of toy that seems fun and frisky, and a great way to start playing with toys–especially with a remote for a partner to use, they really can be very couple-centric (though do not have to be).”

Just for emphasis — vibrating panties can 100% be a solo activity! Enjoy yourself, Mama.


Complete sets are totally in right now — AKA remote, vibes, and undies included — but if you’d prefer a wearable vibe that can pair with either your favorite lace-up number or a pair of comfy boy shorts, we’ve included those, too. Vibrating underwear (or wearable vibrators) easily turn a regular pair of undies into a full-blown tease game with your lover. They’re perfect for lesbian couples, as well as men-women pairings. They’re also super discreet, so some our favorites are whisper-quiet and made of medical-grade, non-porous silicone that is totally safe for your body. So to help with that “first-time” intimidation, we did the research for you by selecting a variety of different vibrating panties to suit your needs. Happy vibing!

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Best Vibrating Panties

OHMIBOD Club Vibe 2.OH

This discreet vibrating panties insert is designed for play, so it might feel intimidating (or completely ridic) for the first-time vibe queen. There’s a feature you can turn on to trigger the vibrator and make it pulsate in rhythm with sound, hence the name “Club Vibe.” The remote is attached to a keychain and works from 20 feet away, so you can really use this toy to spice up a regular date night. If you and your  partner are getting freaky long-distance they can make this device vibrate using sound via a cam connection.


A&E Rechargeable Cheeky Panty Vibrator

These lace boy shorts are sexy as-is and offer a little more coverage than other stringy, vibrating-panty options. Armed with a removable, rechargeable, and waterproof bullet vibe that delivers intensity in nine different vibrating functions, as well as a pocket to “store” the bullet, these panties perfectly position the vibrator where you want it. You know, so it rubs against the spot you want to stimulate most. While it looks (and feels!) lacy AF, the Rechargeable Cheeky is surprisingly stretchy, thanks to a nylon and spandex blend, so you can rest assured your a** is gonna look great in these. Unlike other options, the A&E Rechargeable Cheeky Panty Vibrator actually comes –pun intended – with batteries. After all, who wants to wait to get down? As soon as this package – another pun intended! – arrives in the mail, you and your partner can slip in the included batteries and start playing right away.


Screaming O Ergonomic Vibrating Panty Set

Put the fate of your “O” in your partner’s hands. Literally. The Ergonomic Panty Set transforms any regular time into instant sexy time thanks to a remote control that works up to 50 feet away. Reenact that scene in the Katherine Heigl movie “The Ugly Truth” by passing over the control to your partner. You? You just sit back and… enjoy. These side-tie panties have a removable vibe with 20 different functions so that you can personalize your pleasure. Escalate if you want more intensity, quicken the duration if you want it faster. Or, let your partner play the puppeteer! The vibe is 3.75 inches long and fits securely and discreetly right in the panty’s pocket. When fully charged, this baby can last for about 60 minutes of sexy playtime, but it’s safe to say you’ll probably only last 60 seconds at most. After all, the Ergonomic Panty Set was made to please.


We-Vibe Wearable JIVE

Girl, get your “O” without having to worry. Like about anything – the kids, paying your taxes, the bills. Hell, this is about you! The We-Vibe Wearable JIVE is made with body-safe silicone and believe it or not, is probably more high-tech than your smartphone… which it’s totally compatible with by the way. The We-Vibe is a wearable vibrator controlled by Bluetooth  so you and your partner can get it on with a little hands-free playtime. Or hey, if you’d prefer some one-on-one time with me, myself, and I then the We-Vibe can adjust to accommodate solo play, too. Just download the We-Connect app to get it started. Oh, and let’s not forget – the WeVibe is also waterproof (for that Friday night tub action) and is only as big as the size of your hand. As we all know, it doesn’t need to be big to get the job done!


Eve's Rechargeable Vibrating Panty

With Eve’s rechargeable vibrating panty you can keep amazing vibrations your little secret or you can let your partner join in on the fun thanks to the remote feature. This set includes a 12-function (that’s right, TWELVE) vibe that fits right inside the pink lace panties and contours to your body. The remote works up to 48 feet away so you and your partner can spice up date night for a bit of extra naughty fun.


Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties

Wristband Remote Panty Vibrator

A wristband remote? Sneaky, sneaky! This was a recommendation from Queen herself. It’s waterproof (thank goodness), comes with 12 vibration patterns, and is another Lock-N-Play design to keep things in place. We’ll keep it short so you can get to business 😉


Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

When it comes to vibrating panties, women want a few simple things: as many speeds as possible (for customizable ecstasy), as many patterns as possible (also for customizable ecstasy), and you know, clitoral bliss (what, like it’s hard?) What we specifically love about this set is its cute factor – look at those adorable tie-up sides – and the luxurious storage case it comes in. Listen, if you’ve got kids, it’s not exactly easy to hide sh*t from them. Especially your sex toys. So, the storage case really helps with keeping things descreet AF. These panties also come with a remote control “knicker vibrator” that works up to 26 feet away so if you’re wearing these undies around the house to say, do the laundry or watch TV, who knows? Your partner may just surprise you with a little intensity (provided the kids are sleeping, of course!).


My Secret Charged Remote Control Panty

If discreet is the name of the game, this lace thong and bullet vibe fits the ticket. These panties feature a small hidden pocket for the 10-function, waterproof vibe to fit comfortably inside. A ring-shaped remote can be wore by the wearer or the wearer’s partner to control the vibe’s settings up to 50 feet away. The opportunities to take these vibrating panties for a sexy spin are endless, and you’re bound to have some fun along the way.


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