Colorful, Fun Skateboards For Kids Of All Ages (You Included)

by Anjerika Wilmer
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Cal 7 Kid Teen Skateboard

Kids—they grow up too fast. One second you’re swaddling them like a little burrito, the next they’re ready for big wheels. Tricycles, scooters, skateboards… the madness just doesn’t stop. Before you know it, they’ll be stuntin’ on the streets and begging for an allowance increase (cue heavy eye roll). Being the helicopter mom that you are, naturally, safety is a top priority. Your kiddos may not see it that way but no exceptions—safety first. Despite their endless groaning, a helmet and knee pads are 100 percent in order to keep any potentially catastrophic collisions at bay.

So what’s a parent to do when they know sh*t about skateboards? We. Got. You. First things first: Set a budget. While you can snag a board for as low as $15, there are fancier models that list for well over $100. Before shelling out beaucoup bucks for a hobby that may not stick (#kidsthesedays), we recommend starting out with a beginner board and then graduating to something more advanced. Also, be sure to check the specs on whatever skateboard you end up choosing. Beyond the weight limit and length of the skate deck, you’ll find that some are made from plastic while others are constructed from wood. For most beginners, stability is a top priority but for a more skilled rider, some skateboards are better optimized for cranking out tricks. Check out the best 12 skateboards for kids of all ages and genders (duh!).

Best Skateboards for Kids

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