10 Best Sprinklers & Water Toys For Kids To Keep Cool AND Keep Busy

by Jenn Sinrich
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Kids Water Sprinkler

After months spent cooped up inside with our kids for endless afternoons that feel like days, there’s no greater joy than knowing summer is finally here. It’s the season where we can let our sun hat-wearing toddlers wear themselves out to their heart’s content by running ’round the yard, swing on their outdoor swings, and jump in the colorful, new inflatable pool.

The only thing better than a stretch of grass to let your kid play on is having some type of water table or water toy (like a unicorn floatie) at the ready—already blown up, put together and ready for endless play. Pretty much any toy that involves water in some way, shape or form is a winner for summer weather—although some are more promising when it comes to occupying your little one than others. For whatever reason, kids just love getting themselves doused in water (usually mixed with something stain-worthy like grass, sand or dirt).

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And in the era of COVID-19, when you’re less likely to go to public parks of any kind, water toys will literally become your saving grace. If you stock up on enough of them and spread them out across your lawn, you can create a water park in your own backyard. In case you need us to spell it out for you, that translates to some well-deserved peace and quiet for you. Okay, maybe not the quiet part, but at least you can catch up on some work or a new chapter of that new book you started four months ago.

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Now that you’ve got your water toy inventory squared away, stock up on some of these other essential toys that are great for summer and beyond.


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