Subscription Services Your Family Will Actually Use — And Love

KiwiCo Crate
KiwiCo crates

Subscription services can make our lives so much easier, and there are so many plus sides to signing up for one. However, if we are going to pay a monthly fee for something, we want to get our money’s worth and actually use it (I’m looking at you, monthly gym membership).

It’s great to know with a few simple clicks, we can have things delivered to us and not even have to think about it — so Scary Mommy has rounded up some subscription services you will actually use and definitely love. Not to mention give you a few less things to think about.

Plus, these make great gifts, and you won’t have to worry about shipping snafus.

Amazon Audible, $5.95/month for first 3 months


For under $6 for your first three months (then $14.95 per month after that) you can get listen to unlimited books, podcasts, and audible originals. Your first 30 days are free. This subscription will pay for itself in no time, and give you and your family tons of listening and reading material.

Amazon Music, $7.99/month


We all love listening to our tunes, and with Amazon music, you get to listen to over 75 million songs for $7.99 per month. Try your first month free and see how you like it before committing. The whole family will surely enjoy tuning in (and tuning everyone else out, thanks to ear buds).

Universal Yums, Options start at $15/box

You will never run out of snacks with Universal Yums. This box is so fun because you never know what you are going to get. They feature a different country every month and will surprise you with sweet and savory snacks from the selected country. You get to choose your first box — then after that, Universal Yums will delight your taste buds with different places and cultures monthly. Each kit includes information about the country the snacks are from. It’s excellent for kids!

Modern Mom Style Box, $60/month

Who doesn’t love getting new clothes each month? With Modern Mom Style Box, you pick three items, wear them as much as you want, then return or keep at an exclusive discount. The best part is, you can package them up in the prepaid packaging and return them without even washing.

Amazon Book Box, $22.99/box


For Prime members, Amazon offers a great book subscription service for kids age 3-12 for up to 35% off what you would normally pay for your kids’ favorite books. You can even swap out the books before they are sent by previewing them first.

Little Passports, Options start at $23.95/month

For less than $25 month, Little Passports helps kids ages 3-10 explore different places. It’s an award-winning subscription service and will keep your littles busy for hours.

Wildgrain Box, $89/box

If you love home baked goods and pastas without having to do any of the work, you need Wildgrain in your life. The food is homemade and fantastic. All you have to do is bake it … and tell everyone you made it from scratch yourself.

Boxed, no membership fee

Boxed is the place to shop if you want to save on household items and shop in bulk. They have a ton of products and you can opt in to subscribe, so items like paper towels and toilet paper will automatically be shipped to you. No more emergency store runs when you’re out of TP? Yes please!

KiwiCo, Options start at $15.95/crate

Kiwi crates are filled with art and science projects for every age. Whether your kids like to doodle, cook, or want to explore geography, Kiwi will have the perfect box for them.

We Craft Box, $34.99/month


Each month We Craft will send a new craft for your kids to enjoy. This box is geared for 3-9 year olds and can be a fun way to get the whole family crafting, since parents and older kids can help the younger ones.