8 Easy To Wear Tie Dye Pieces Just In Time For Summertime

by Michelle Sparks
Originally Published: 
tie dye fashion trend

Ah, the cool mom. We all know her. The one who always shows up to parent pick-up in head-to-toe matching loungewear with an IG worthy manicure and a perfectly made-up face (how is this possible?!), the one who throws the best birthday parties, the one who can down a few glasses of wine at happy hour (without gaining a single ounce) and still make it to 6 a.m. hot yoga every morning. She’s that mom.

And while you might never throw a party worthy of a Pinterest board or get your butt out of bed before 8 a.m. (or even to a yoga class at all, for that matter), you can dress like that mom. Thanks to fashion’s easiest to get with trend, all you need are a few pieces with a tie dye pattern and voila!

To help you achieve instant cool mom status (or at least cooler mom status than you’ve been feeling for a while), we’ve rounded up some of the best tie dye shirts, tie dye hoodies, and more below. We’re excited to add some color and freshness into your color-less WFH/school-from-home wardrobe.

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