These Awesome Toy Airplanes Will Take Playtime To New Heights

best toy airplane
Getty Images/Nenad Stojnev

When your little has lost interest in the pile of toy cars stacked in their toy bin, it may be time to take things to a new level (literally) with the best toy airplanes! Whether you have a tiny toddler on your hands or a big kid who’s only interested in something cool and techy, there’s a toy airplane every kid can enjoy. From remote control airplanes to huge ride-on planes, the possibilities are endless!

If you need another incentive mama, playing with toy airplanes is also a great way to teach your children about real ones! Many have similar controls, sounds, and exterior as the real thing. Toy airplanes can also get them excited about traveling on a real plane one day (which means family trips will be slightly easier, and we’ll take all the help we can get in that department). So ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to shop the best toy airplanes on the market right now! Check out our top picks below.

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