The Best Walkie Talkies For Your Spy Kids

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The best walkie talkies for kids on the market are your answer for when your little one asks for a cell phone. Seriously! Walkie talkies can keep your kids connected with their friends, with their siblings, and especially with you, even when they’re just hiding out in their bedrooms. What’s even cooler about walkie talkies, though, is that if your child is off at a friend’s house within just a couple miles, many of these radios can reach that far. That means your kid can let you know they’re going to be late for dinner because they’re still very busy playing games like Disney characters on a top-secret mission with their friends down the street. Best of all — no monthly bill!

With walkie talkies, your kids can get many of the vibes of having a fancy device when in actuality, it’s a durable little radio they can hang around their necks or clip on their pants. These radios are also an excellent idea if you’re an outdoorsy family. If the whole family is equipped with a radio, you can feel a little more comfortable going hiking or camping, because everyone will be connected. If you get separated — whether intentionally or not — having these walkie talkies could be key to keeping everyone safe. We’ve chosen walkie talkie sets that are easy for kids to use exactly for that reason.

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