24 Special Big Sister Gift Ideas, According To Moms 2021

24 Special Gifts Big Sisters Can Give To Their Little Sisters

November 11, 2020 Updated February 19, 2021

Little girl helping her sister to tide her shoelace in park
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For every girl who’s about to become a big sister, life is about to change in all the good ways. Big sister gift ideas are all around us— they are unique, thoughtful, customizable gifts that make new big sisters feel special, whether they are 2 or 20. The “gift” may be the new bb, but big sis needs to know she will never be loved any less— even with her new LO in the house. The house is about to be filled with more fun, more laughter, more madness. We’re here for every second of it. To celebrate the unique special-ness of the occasion, we’ve got zodiac jewelry, personalized story books, and stuffies that will be cuddled and loved for years. Since sisters will be spending lots of time together, there’ll be arts & crafts, LEGO making, and lots of Disney+ watching, of course.

If you aren’t sure how to share the big news, the cute-as-pie Crosby Kids can break it down for you. Their squeals of excitement mirror the “I’m going to be a big a sister” screams you’ll be hearing on the reg! If soon-to-be big sis feels nervous, or jealous, tell her the story of how Princess Polly becomes a big sister and let them dream of all the things they can teach their new babe. After all, they are the big sis.

And if any of you are feeling nervous with number 2 (or 3 or more) coming, check out J House Vlogs who are welcoming bb #5. They make prepping for their new baby girl look so freakin’ easy (we may hate them just a little).

New/First-Time Big Sister Gifts

The Super Incredible Big Sister Gift

The minute baby is born, big sister takes on a special role— as the most special big sis ever. Let’s award her for it (and hope she sees her new job as a reward!). This personalized book, with a coordinated medal, features Big Sister as the star of the show. This is a great gift for when bb is just born, perhaps even while you’re still in the hospital, so big sis knows she’ll always be *special*.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Madame Alexander Sweet Smiles Doll

Every little girl needs her own baby to love and cuddle with. An older sister might need a baby girl to get used to and the younger sister needs her own baby  for role play. Madame Alexander’s dolls are a favorite for being soft, cuddly and sweet. This 14″ doll comes with a bottle, removable jammies and eyes that close, just like your little, when she’s getting put down for nap or bedtime.

$38.45 AT AMAZON

Chromecast with Google TV

There is going to be a lot of movie watching in your future, sis. Plug in Chromecast and access all of your streaming services (including Disney+) with the ease of a remote available in pink, blue or white. There’s also voice remote built in, so you can change the volume, the channel, or the show with Google Assistant. Not sure what to watch? Just ask “what should I watch?” or “best sci-fi movies.” If you still can’t decide, go with a slideshow of your favorite pics from Google Photo right on your tv. “Hey Google, show us pics from when bb was born.” We bet everyone will like that show.


GUND Baby Animated Puddles The Puppy Stuffed Animal

This is for the big sis who needs some love while bb is getting extra attention. Her own puppy! But not the kind you need to walk (or feed, or clean, you get it). This stuffy is soft and cuddly with movement and sound. Give Puddles a pat and feel him move. He even yips like a real puppy without needing the 24/7 care a real pup does. You already have the baby for that kind of care.

$29.35 AT AMAZON

Bakery Bling Decorating Kit Girl Bundle

There’s going to be a lot of baking, and we want it fun, pink and full of glitter, right? Bakery Bling’s bundle comes with three kits featuring unicorns and princesses so you can get bakery-worthy cookies right at home. Each kit comes with everything you need to let the girls decorate their little hearts away. Plus Mom and Big Sis can enjoy snack time while bb is having a nap. We’re so in!


I And Love And You Box for Dogs (On the Nice List)

It might be exciting to be a big sister, but pup reigns supreme in your house. Big sis will have him for extra attention while mama is busy with baby. Plus, all the kids will be loving on her/him for the rest of their lives. I And Love And You has the treats the kids will be feeding pup plus a holiday gift box so all the babies feel equally loved.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Sterling Forever "When Stars Align" Constellation Necklace

Sisters celebrate each other, and each other’s birthdays. Mark the occasion with a constellation necklace that isn’t obvious, but means a lot to anyone who gets it. Buy one for the big sister or one for each sister in corresponding zodiac signs, it can be something special they share.


Akola Anasa DIY Necklace and Bracelet Kit

Craft time can be sophisticated between mom and big sis. There’s no reason you can’t create and wear something that’s special and beautiful. The Anasa DIY Necklace and Bracelet Kit comes with gold foil & rainbow Karatasi Beads plus all you need for a few necklaces and bracelets. This set alone helps to employ nearly 200 Akola women in Uganda. Sisterhood is global, that’s a lesson we can never start teaching early enough.


SCRIBD Online Library Subscription

It feels like you’re going to need a whole new library with bb, right? Meet Scribd. This online library gives you access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and more. The children’s section is phenomenal, so big sis will never run out of classics or new titles to read with the baby. SCRIBD also has suggestions for something different when your kids want the same book read for the zillionth time. Seriously. (A six month subscription begins at $50.)


Boden Kids Cozy Long John Pajamas

Gift big sis matching jammies, because it’s almost the holidays and what could be cuter for the family portrait? Boden makes the best kid pajamas, ranging from newborn size to big boy and girl. This Father Christmas print makes a great mini-me matching set in either a 2-piece or all-in-one style.


Big Sister to Little Sister Gifts

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch

Siblings are going to have so much fun together with this gift (get ready for squeals of excitement)! The Tobi Robot Smartwatch is hours of fun for the kids when they’re together and also apart. They can use it to tell time (even with old-school analog if you choose!), take pics, do videos, play games, and count steps. They can send each other messages, too. Wait until you see how thrilled they get watching their robots come to life! The little personalities come through with moving arms and legs, plus tons of expressions. The kids’ personalities will shine through, too, when they start using the stand to take selfies to share with each other, and you.

$21.08 AT AMAZON

PureBaby Sound Sleeper Portable Sound Machine & Star Projector

Give baby sis the gift of sleep, with this beautiful sleep machine. The cuddly narwahl, also available in a bear or elephant, soothes bb to sleep with 13 sounds and a light up projector display. The kids can cuddle their favorite stuffy while watching the stars and dreaming lullabies. This big sister gift will be truly loved.

$19.98 AT AMAZON

Litti Pritti Princess Toys My First Purse Set

Every little girl wants to be just like their big sis (and mama). With this cute purse, they can feel like a big girl. It comes with all the essentials— driver’s license/ID, wallet, credit cards, money and keys. Don’t forget the lipstick, cell phone and face powder. You can pack your purses together and head to lunch; or at least to the playground.

$35.99 AT AMAZON

USA Toyz Mermaid Kidz Tent and Kaleidoscope

Every kid loves playing Under the Sea. Now you can play it together. This tent, which folds away for storage, pops open to become a vision of the deep sea. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered with their favorite, familiar animals and of course, a mermaid. More than 8,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a 4.5 rating including Cathy who says, “This Under the Sea tent is beautiful. It was ready to use in minutes. Your kids will not want to leave once they are inside. Excellent quality. We could not be happier.”

$20.95 AT AMAZON

The Dough Project DIY Mix Variety Pack

Whipping up your own play dough at home sounds fun, right? This variety pack comes with three boxes of dry mix, made from organic wheat flour, sea salt and cream of tartar, plus, beet, turmeric & spirulina for color. Created by a pre-school teacher, she wanted the magic of play dough making to be possible in everyone’s homes. Now it is!


Baby Bum Duke's Rad Bath Essentials Gift Set

Bath time is a big part of kids lives and being sisters likely means bath time will be together time (whether they like it or not). Baby Bum’s products are safe for all the kids, even babies’ gentle skin. They are pediatrician and dermatologist tested and are paraben, sulfate, silicone and phthalate free. The kids will love the sudsy bubble bath, gel shampoo and body wash, and Duke bath toy. You’ll love the calming lotion which is light and fresh. With many baths in your future, you’ll need products the whole family can share.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Dear Ava Sister Necklace- 2 Symmetrical Circles Linked

Having a new sister is a big deal, whether the first sis is 2 or 20. Dear Ava knows exactly how to mark the occasion. This delicate necklace has two symmetrical circles to represent the sister bond, and it comes in a beautiful box with a very special note. We also love Dear Ava’s other styles, including “To My Soul Sister” for your sister-like bestie and “She’s My Sister” with two interlocking circles to show your sister connection.

$39.84 AT AMAZON

Skylight Photo Frame

Photos from the whole family are so important for the new bb, especially during Covid times when you can’t meet everyone in person. Skylight’s photo frame is unique in that anyone can email a pic and it appears right on the screen. No need to download, plug in a thumb drive, or any of the other nonsense. The minute something happens, a pic appears and it’s just like you’re with everyone as you’d want to be. Big sis can introduce baby to everyone in real time, and if they have a Skylight frame themselves, they can see bb minute by minute.

$159.00 AT AMAZON

Kindness is my Superpower Sweatshirt

A big lesson for all sisters, everywhere, is to be kind. The Kind Campaign was created to help put a stop to girl against girl bullying. The lesson can start young and it can start at home. 100% of net proceeds from these sweatshirts (available in toddler, youth and adult sizes) goes to their Free to Be Kind initiative, which provides free in-person and virtual assemblies and curriculum to end this unnecessary bullying around the globe.


Little Sister to Big Sister Gifts

Plus-Plus Learn to Build Jewelry Making Kit

Sister time sounds like a great time to make jewelry. Plus-Plus helps big and littles create jewelry with interlocking puzzle pieces. Nobody can do this wrong; you can link together the pieces into flat or 3D shapes, creating bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. There are 300 metallic and solid colored pieces here, so the girls can start creating jewelry at home or take it on the go. The best part is they can recreate the pieces over and over again since there’s no glue or adhesive involved, just lots of opportunities to use their imaginations.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO DOTS DIY Creative Picture Frames Kit

Every sis needs a pic of their new sis, whether they’re older or younger. Create your own LEGO picture frames and fill them with memories. This 398 piece kit lets you create three picture frames in custom colors or patterns. It comes in a nice carrying case/sorting box that you can use with other DOTS kits, as well.

$15.97 AT AMAZON

Toniebox Starter Set- Educational Musical Toy for Kids

This audiobox for kids can be used for sisters together or alone when you want screen-free, imaginative playtime. Choose your “tonie,” the figurine of choice and let it play you a song, read you a story, or play pre-recorded messages from nana. Just stand the figure on top of the Toniebox and listen in. This is the starter set, but you’ll want to add famous-faced Tonies to sing along with, including Ariel, Elsa, Woodie and even the Gruffalo.

$99.99 AT AMAZON

Around the World Personalized Story Book

There are so many places sisters will go together— in life, in travel, in growing up. Shutterfly’s personalized story books can include all of the family to make them feel special during bedtime reading. This 28-page book takes you on a story (about your LO) around the globe. It features a personal message from you printed at the front of the book so this is a gift that lasts forever.


Pandora Forever Sisters Dangle Charm

It’s time for a new charm! Pandora lovers, this is how we mark all occasions, right? For a first time sister, new big sister, or for both/multiple sisters, the Forever Sisters Charm is the perfect addition. They’re Always There…yes, they are. Like it or not.


New sister has her gifts, now check out our gift guides for all the other members of the family!

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