Water Fight! The Best Water Guns To Stay Cool And Victorious This Summer

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Oh, water guns. You’re such a staple to every fun activity during summertime. So many of the toys your kids are obsessed with today weren’t around when you were a kid—ahem, tablets and hoverboards anyone? But one tried-and-true toy that’s most definitely not lost its popularity among the kiddo crowd is toy water guns, because, who doesn’t enjoy getting sprayed with some cold water on a super hot summer day?! It’s also an activity that the whole family can get involved in, so you can bring together all ages for some backyard fun. Bonus if you’ve got inflatable water slides and kiddie pools for more backyard water adventures.

The toy water guns that are on the market today haven’t even changed much in the past several decades other than some additional bells and whistles that make them even easier to operate and at an even higher capacity, along with CPC-certified credibility. As a bonus, the prices for these kinds of toys are usually super reasonable, so your little one can collect quite the stash.

Ready to shop for water guns that will provide ample entertainment for your whole fam all summer long? Check out some of these mom-approved options.

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