The Best Water Shoes For The Whole Family, Because We're All Dreaming Of The Beach Right Now

by Jessica Booth
best water shoes
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Water shoes are the best way to prevent slips and keep feet protected when it’s time to hit the water. Whether you’re gearing up for a beach vacation or planning on spending a lot of time by the pool in the upcoming warmer months, you’ll probably want a few reliable pairs of waterproof shoes for the family. While they may not be the most stylish pieces of footwear out there, water shoes are essential for staying safe on slick surfaces. For toddlers and young kids, water shoes can help prevent accidents while they inevitably run across a wet surface by a pool (despite you yelling “no running!”), or they can help protect their little feet while walking along a beach filled with sharp shells and rocks.

Water shoes are also protective summer footwear for adults: You’ll likely end up running after your little one at some point, and water shoes offer some much-needed traction. They’re also nice to have because you don’t need to worry so much about stepping on something pointy in the ocean or lake (or, even worse, something slimy). Another plus is that you won’t burn your feet on scorching hot sand or risk the potential of stepping on discarded glass. Yes, swimming in a pool, sea, or lake is always an adventure, and a more fun one, at that, when everyone stays safe. So leave all your cool toys inside, kids — the summertime fun is calling! (And if not now, it will be soon.)

The best water shoes are comfortable and durable and (believe it or not!) even kinda cute. You can opt for a pair that almost looks and feels like socks, or you can go for something that is more suited to walking on any surface. Here are some of the best ones out there for the whole family.

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