35 Weird Gifts Your Friends Will Never Expect To Get This Year

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If you’re looking for weird gifts to give the people this year, it’s not because you think they’re weird or dislike them. It’s honestly the opposite. These people are just so unique and particular, that getting them a gift card or bottle of wine or the same Frozen toy every single kid on the planet has right now doesn’t seem right. You want your gift(s) to them to be special. And yes, weird. Oftentimes you know that there’s a good chance that the things you want to buy for someone are things they very well could have bought for themselves if they actually wanted it enough (or things they were gifted already).

Thus, sometimes you turn to odd gifts. You know the type — the ones that’ll get an immediate laugh and reaction when they’re opened. Weird unusual gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re all bound to become memorable.

For example, while it’s thoughtful to get someone shirts or pants, they may not remember those presents a year later. But if you were to get them a gift that made them crack up, it’ll turn into holiday family lore. “Remember the bizarre gifts Bill bought Susan?” someone will definitely say in the future, given that your family contains a Bill and a Susan.

Buying someone a weird gift is especially important this year, when the world has more or less fallen apart. What we need right now is laughter. So if you want to make a difference, and know for sure that your gift won’t be a repeat, here are 24 best weird gifts to buy.

Best Weird Gifts for Friends

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