The 12 Best Indoor And Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers To Fill Every Room In Your Life With Music

by Megan Hungerford
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Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker in your home is basically a necessity these days. Whether you jam out to Mozart or Mariah Carey, music lifts us up, calms us down, and makes us simply feel. It’s no surprise that everyone is walking around rockin’ headphones, moving through life to their own personal soundtrack. But with the kids around (all the time it seems) and so many of us parents working from home, why not listen together — as a family. Put down the headphones and sync up to a Bluetooth speaker. Most of them are wireless, portable, and have extended play times so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging. You can also easily snag a great quality Bluetooth speaker for under 100 dollars (yep!) or a speaker specifically designed for kids (a great push present idea).

Set the mood for a fabulous al fresco meal or a romantic night away from the kids with the perfect playlist flowing from your speaker. Better yet, add a bluetooth sound bar to the TV and get the whole family involved for movie night (we wouldn’t want to miss a word Elsa says anyways). Dancing with your kids, watching their movies, or unwinding alone, Bluetooth speakers are an easy way to invest in your family coming together (or at the very least surviving one another).

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