105+ Swedish Last Names That'll Have You Celebrating Midsommar

by Laura Grainger
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The easiest way to learn about a family‘s history is to look at their surname. Like Finnish and Norwegian last names, Swedish last names are part of the Scandinavian family. The vast majority of Swedish last names are patronymic names that have been passed down from generation to generation, but many also refer to a geographical feature that likely show where a family lived.

Take a look at our list of Swedish last names and their meanings. If you know you have a Swedish surname, read on to see if it’s patronymic or otherwise!

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  1. Karlsson

Meaning: Son of Karl.

  1. Forsberg

Meaning: Mountain with a waterfall.

  1. Lundin

Meaning: Of the grove.

  1. Wallin

Meaning: Powerful friend.

  1. Mattson

Meaning: Son of Matthew.

  1. Björk

Meaning: Birch tree.

  1. Nordin

Meaning: Of the North.

  1. Olsson

Meaning: Son of Olaf.

  1. Lindquist

Meaning: Linden tree or twig.

  1. Falk

Meaning: Falcon.

  1. Johansson

Meaning: Son of Johan.

  1. Sjöberg

Meaning: Sea mountain or cliff.


  1. Ekström

Meaning: Oak tree river.

  1. Larsson

Meaning: Son of Lars.

  1. Nyberg

Meaning: New hill.

  1. Eriksson

Meaning: Son of Erik.

  1. Holmgren

Meaning: Island branch, possibly referring to an island full of trees or greenery.

  1. Sandberg

Meaning: Sand mountain.

  1. Andersson

Meaning: Son of Anders/Andrew/Andreas.

  1. Lindström

Meaning: Linden tree river.

  1. Nilsson

Meaning: Son of Nil.

  1. Ström

Meaning: Stream or river.

  1. Berg

Meaning: Mountain or hill.

  1. Lind

Meaning: Linden

  1. Ek

Meaning: Oak

  1. Sjö

Meaning: Lake or sea.

  1. Sund

Meaning: Sea gate or strait

  1. Söder

Meaning: South

  1. Lund

Meaning: Small forest.

  1. Gren

Meaning: Branch

  1. Vik

Meaning: Bay

  1. Holm

Meaning: Little island

  1. Qvist/Kvist

Meaning: Twig

  1. Ahlberg

Meaning: Mountain or hill.

  1. Åberg

Meaning: Island mountain or hill.

  1. Abrahamsson

Meaning: Father of many.

  1. Adamsson

Meaning: Son of Adam or man.

  1. Adell

Meaning: Noble or nobility.

  1. Åkesson

Meaning: Ancestor or father.

  1. Asp

Meaning: Aspen tree.

  1. Barkman

Meaning: Bark, mountain man, or man.

  1. Beckman

Meaning: Stream and man.

  1. Bergquist

Meaning: Hill or twig.

  1. Bergstrom

Meaning: Mountain, hill, or storm.

  1. Bjurstrom

Meaning: Beaver.

  1. Cederberg

Meaning: Mountain.

  1. Cedergren

Meaning: Cedar or branch.

  1. Cederholm

Meaning: Cedar or island.

  1. Clar

Meaning: Clear.

  1. Cronquist

Meaning: Crow twig.

  1. Dahlgren

Meaning: Valley or branch.

  1. Dahmen

Meaning: Relating to.

  1. Dalman

Meaning: Valley or man.

  1. Ekdahl

Meaning: Oak.

  1. Eklof

Meaning: Leaf.

  1. Eklund

Meaning: Grover.

  1. Eriksson

Meaning: Son of Erik.

  1. Fagerstrom

Meaning: Beautiful.

  1. Fahlgren

Meaning: Plain or flat land.

  1. Ferm

Meaning: Ready.

  1. Finberg

Meaning: Mountain.

  1. Florman

Meaning: Flower man.

  1. Granberg

Meaning: Spruce hill.

  1. Gronlund

Meaning: Green grove.

  1. Gronquist

Meaning: Spruce twig.

  1. Grundstrom

Meaning: Ground stream.

  1. Gudmundsson

Meaning: Godly protection.

  1. Gullickson

Meaning: Spiritual fight or struggle.

  1. Haag

Meaning: Enclosure or hedge.

  1. Haack

Meaning: A firearm.

  1. Hagberg

Meaning: Enclosure mountain.

  1. Hageman

Meaning: Enclosed pasture.

  1. Haggstorm

Meaning: Bird cherry.

  1. Isakson

Meaning: Son of Isaac.

  1. Isberg

Meaning: Mountain.

  1. Jacobsson

Meaning: Follower or son of Jacob.

  1. Jansson

Meaning: God’s grace or son of Jan.

  1. Johansson

Meaning: Son of Johan or God is good.

  1. Kalberg

Meaning: Cold mountain.

  1. Karlin

Meaning: Descendant of.

  1. Karlstad

Meaning: Someone who lived in Karlstad in western Sweden.

  1. Kask

Meaning: Helmet.

  1. Kielman

Meaning: Wedgeman.

  1. Kilburg

Meaning: Wedge mountain.

  1. Kindberg

Meaning: Family or tribe.

  1. Kjellberg

Meaning: Spring or source.

  1. Lagergren

Meaning: Laurel.

  1. Lagerstrom

Meaning: River.

  1. Mahlberg

Meaning: Gravel.

  1. Malmberg

Meaning: Iron mountain.

  1. Marken

Meaning: Forest pasture.

  1. Markus

Meaning: Hammer or defender.

  1. Naslund

Meaning: Narrow neck of land.

  1. Nordwall

Meaning: North bank.

  1. Noreen

Meaning: Luminous or light.

  1. Nystrom

Meaning: New rive.r

  1. Oden

Meaning: HeadGod in Norse mythology.

  1. Ohlsson

Meaning: Son of Ola.

  1. Olander

Meaning: Someone from the island of Olan or Aland.

  1. Orn

Meaning: Eagle.

  1. Osbeck

Meaning: River mouth or brook.

  1. Palmberg

Meaning: Palm tree or mountain

  1. Pehrson

Meaning: Rock’.

  1. Pihl

Meaning: Arrow.

  1. Quarnstrom

Meaning: Stream.

  1. Quint

Meaning: Fifth.

  1. Ranstrom

Meaning: Raven or river.

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