10 Tiger Coloring Pages For The Days You're Feeling Fierce

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Tiger Coloring Pages
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If you have a Netflix account, there’s a good chance that you’ve watched Tiger King. And, let’s just say that it’s much different from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which you’ve likely caught a few times if you have kids at home. Tigers can be portrayed as either friendly or ferocious, and that’s one of the many reasons artists love to draw and paint them. With tigers, there are a lot of options. One of those? Tiger coloring pages! Are you a fan of these beautiful big cats but not the best at drawing? No problem. As long as you love to color, these free coloring pages will be your jam.

Tiger coloring pages are also great if you want to improve your shading skills. Since tigers often come in a few different colors, you can also add a bit of variety if you decide to print them all out at once. With that said, here are a few fierce tiger coloring pages, in case you’re looking for a fun DIY distraction for your kiddos. And once you’re finished with these, go wild with our elephant coloring pages, octopus coloring pages, mermaid coloring pages, dog coloring pages, and more.

Free Tiger Coloring Pages

1. Ferocious Tiger

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Let’s start with a scary version. Sure, this guy may be baring his teeth and giving a look of displeasure, but that just makes him more dynamic to color. If your school mascot happened to be a tiger, this looks as if it’d fit flawlessly on university merch. Don’t be afraid to try out neon orange for this guy or another color that turns this page into a bold piece of art. And for good measure, here’s a fact as ferocious as this picture: Tigers are the third-largest carnivorous land animal and the largest cat species in the world.

2. Patterned Tiger

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This tiger would look magnificent with mint green and light yellow detailing. This is a coloring page that you should feel free to get a little wild with. It’s great for experienced artists to color and an excellent assignment for a middle schooler looking to break out the colored pencils. Fun fact: When a tiger goes after its prey, its two major forms of attack are blood loss and strangulation! So vicious…

3. Cartoon Tiger

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Now, this is a tiger you’d expect to see on a kids’ show. Friendly and happy, he was drawn to be more of a pal than a threat. We’d say this is suitable for children (and adults) of all ages. Unfortunately, almost half of tiger cubs born in a litter don’t live past two years old. And did you know that a punch from a tiger could kill you? The force in their paw is enough to break your bones.

4. Roaring Tiger

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This one looks more like a drawing you’d find in a science textbook. Realistic and a bit intimidating, the tiger pictured here is a good reminder that it’s best to keep a safe distance from these big cats when possible. But even that won’t stop you from hearing its roar. A tiger’s growl can be heard from up to two miles away! So, if you’re looking for a realistic tiger printout that really pops off the page, look no further. Fun fact: Sometimes lions and tigers mate. These hybrids are called ligers and tigons.

5. Cartoon Tiger (With Stripe)

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This is another adorable, family-friendly tiger — and really, can you ever have too many of those? (Nope!) In fact, with its three stripes on top, it almost resembles Daniel Tiger’s stuffed plush Tigey. Feel free to color him in a similar shade of blue if the mood strikes. Fun fact: This little cutie can devour more than 80 pounds of meat in one sitting. And if they’re not done with a carcass, they bury it and save it for later. Cute, amirite? And sometimes male tigers eat cubs so the female tiger can become available to mate again. (Sheesh…)

6. Tiger Cub

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Aww! This little guy looks like something you’d want to bring home as a pet. But, trust, it’s much safer to leave him on the coloring page where he belongs. This is a realistic portrayal, but colors can go either way. You can color him in with yellows and oranges, or maybe use a soft gold to bring him to life. Fun fact: Tigers have antiseptic in their saliva, which means their spit can help disinfect and heal their bruises or cuts. To be clear, we do not recommend going to a tiger for your medical needs!

7. Tiger Icon

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Need a starter drawing for toddlers? Here you go. This page also works for adults who prefer coloring pages that have thick lines and boundaries. This is yet another tiger coloring page that can be experimented with. Perhaps this tiger is silver! Or you could be a minimalist and just color in the nose, making it a white tiger. Did you know a group of tigers, although uncommon, is known as an ambush or streak?

8. Friendly Tiger

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This sweet tiger also looks like it could star in a PBS series. If you make sure to give him some color duration throughout his face, he’ll appear a little more realistic. It’d be great to also include some grass or create a background to make his story even better. Here’s a strange factoid: Did you know tiger urine smells like buttered popcorn…?

9. Cute Tiger

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Could this little tiger baby be any cuter? (Said in our best Chandler Bing voice, naturally.) It looks a lot like a housecat, right? For that reason, this tiger creates the perfect opportunity to talk to your kiddo about the difference between domestic and wild cats. Although this tiger may look like a kitty, did you know tigers don’t even purr?

10. Regal Tiger

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Finally, this coloring page ends on a more realistic note. This tiger looks especially proud, doesn’t he? You can go a lot of ways with this coloring page — just make sure to be creative with it and let your imagination run wild.

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