30+ Ukrainian Last Names That'll Make You Wanna See The City Of Kyiv

by Laura Grainger
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Ukrainian last names
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Ukrainian last names can be found throughout the globe. Like Russian last names, they connect families to their Soviet history. Many of these last names refer to an occupation, a place, nature, a personal trait, or even a memorable moment!

We’ve compiled a list of over 30 Ukrainian last names with their meanings and Cyrillic spellings. If your name is on the list, you’ll now be able to find out where where it came from. Take a look!

  1. Chornovil

Cyrillic: Цхорновил Meaning: Black ox.

  1. Nimchuk

Cyrillic: Нимчук Meaning: A person from Germany.

  1. Ponomarenko

Cyrillic: Пономаренко Meaning: Clergyman.

  1. Chumak

Cyrillic: Цхумак Meaning: Salt-trader.

  1. Perebiynis

Cyrillic: Перебиынис Meaning: Break the nose.

  1. Kryvonis

Cyrillic: Крывонис Meaning: Curved nose.

  1. Orel

Cyrillic: Орел Meaning: Eagle.

  1. Syromakha

Cyrillic: Сыромакха Meaning: Orphan.

  1. Sverbylo

Cyrillic: Свербыло Meaning: Itchy person.

  1. Vovk

Cyrillic: Вовк Meaning: Wolf.

  1. Kravchenko

Cyrillic: Кравченко Meaning: Tailor.

  1. Moroz

Cyrillic: Мороз Meaning: Frost.

  1. Rosomakha

Cyrillic: Росомакха Meaning: Wolverine.

  1. Harbuz

Cyrillic: Харбуз Meaning: Pumpkin.

  1. Pidiprygora

Cyrillic: Пидипрыгора Meaning: Bolster the mountain.

  1. Obbizhysvit

Cyrillic: Оббижысвит Meaning: Run around the world.

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  1. Dobryivechir

Cyrillic: Добрыивечир Meaning: Good evening.

  1. Nudylo

Cyrillic: Нудыло Meaning: Tedious person.

  1. Pavluk

Cyrillic: Павлук Meaning: Of Paul.

  1. Bondaruk

Cyrillic: Бондарук Meaning: Cooper.

  1. Kolisnychenko

Cyrillic: Колисныченко Meaning: Wheelwright.

  1. Kripak

Cyrillic: Крипак Meaning: Serf.

  1. Malyar

Cyrillic: Малыар Meaning: Painter.

  1. Pekar

Cyrillic: Пекар Meaning: Baker.

  1. Rybalka

Cyrillic: Рыбалка Meaning: Fisherman.

  1. Melnyk

Cyrillic: Мелнык Meaning: Miller.

  1. Shynkar

Cyrillic: Схынкар Meaning: Innkeeper.

  1. Vladyka

Cyrillic: Владыка Meaning: Archbishop.

  1. Rudiak

Cyrillic: Рудиак Meaning: Red-haired.

  1. Kovalchuk

Cyrillic: Ковалчук Meaning: Blacksmith.

  1. Chaika

Cyrillic: Цхаика Meaning: Seagull.


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