Chop Chop! These Vegetable Coloring Pages Are A Bushel Of Fun

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vegetable coloring pages
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Finding a kiddo who likes vegetables isn’t easy. A lot of kids want indulgent high-calorie foods or only want to live off chicken nuggets. Who can blame them? Nuggies are a safe food that pretty much always looks and tastes the same. Your kids might not worry about food poisoning, but they do worry about putting something yucky in their mouths. We’ve learned, though, that if you can make any food fun, from cool lunch ideas to silly food games or food puns, your kiddos might be a lot more likely to take a bite. As adults, we know the truth: Veggies are freakin’ delicious! They add color and spice to any meal, even otherwise boring breakfasts. Our kids, however, take some convincing — and these vegetable coloring pages are an excellent place to start.

We’ve loaded up some of the cutest free, printable pages perfect for your tiny Van Gogh to fill with color. While they work their way through coloring each of these pages, talk about why eating these vegetables is essential. Then, reiterate that message when you serve their veggies, reminding them about how they loved filling these in with their favorite bold, bright colors.

And if they catch onto your attempt to sway them over to “The Veg Side”? Don’t let that ruin your quiet coloring time. There are plenty of other cool coloring pages for them to try. Your future marine biologist will especially love our cute turtle coloring pages or dolphin coloring pages. Got an aspiring rocket scientist in your midst? Try these star coloring pages, rocket coloring pages, solar system coloring pages, and NASA coloring pages. Whatever you need, we’ve got ya covered, Mama.

Free Printable Vegetable Coloring Pages

Vegetable Page No. 1

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Veggie soup is our favorite! Our kiddos, however? They’re just not impressed. Getting your kids involved in the prep and cooking process will help stir interest, though. If you feel like they’re not ready to help with preparing for dinner, plan another simple vegetable soup-adjacent activity. Collect all their play fruits and veggies into a bin. While you make dinner, encourage them to sort and separate their food by color or type. Talking about the difference between fruits and veggies or discussing what your child would put in their ideal soup is an easy, mindless conversation you can have while you chop-chop-chop!

Vegetable Page No. 2

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This broccoli is packed with nutrients like vitamin C, which is vital in helping your body develop and even heal. One-half cup of raw broccoli can give your body nearly two-thirds of your necessary daily value. So, you can tell your kids that eating broccoli’s vitamin C will help them heal faster when they scrape their knees or bonk their elbows — aka basically turn them into superheroes.

Vegetable Page No. 3

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Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins or scarfing down some pumpkin pie? But did you know that pumpkin is actually really good for you? That’s why it’s a popular purée for babies. One cup of cooked pumpkin offers 245 percent of your daily value of vitamin A, which builds up your immune system. An excellent way to encourage your kiddo to eat pumpkin is to tell them it helps them fight off colds and stay healthy.

Vegetable Page No. 4

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Peppers are freaking delicious, right?! Your early eater might have gnawed on raw pepper slices like it was their job. As kids get older, though, they sometimes lose interest. These colorful peppers are packed with vitamin C, just like broccoli. They also contain a beneficial amount of carotenoids, which can help with eye health. Your kiddo might enjoy hearing that eating peppers will help them have super-vision.

Vegetable Page No. 5

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Leeks can be a hard sell to kids. After all, they’re green. But, these mild-flavored veggies contain beneficial amounts of folate and flavonoid kaempferol, which help protect blood vessels and keep your heart strong. Here’s another very veggy tidbit you can share with friends. Did you know carrots originated from Afghanistan? They are also 88 percent water. How cool!

Vegetable Page No. 6

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OK, sure. Technically eggplants are fruit because they contain seeds and grow on a plant that flowers. However, most people still consider them a veggie — most likely because of their more salty flavor. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, eggplants are packed with antioxidants known to help fight cancer. That makes them more than just a “healthy alternative” to lasagna noodles or pizza crust.

Vegetable Page No. 7

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Lettuce is gorgeous, but kids aren’t always keen on the texture. One way to slowly introduce lettuce-like food to your child is to use raw, shredded cabbage on fish tacos or in wraps. When you’re ready to push lettuce further, know that romaine lettuce, in particular, contains vitamins A, B, C, and K. It also includes a decent amount of calcium that you can tell your kiddos will help them grow big, strong bones and muscles.

Vegetable Page No. 8

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Carrots are another food we give babies in purees. Later, we add carrots to everything from soups and salads to pad thai. Carrots are incredibly yummy when used with dips like hummus or ranch. Plus, they have a ton of vitamins! We particularly love that they offer B6, which helps give us energy. Sooo, maybe we need that more than our kiddos.

Vegetable Page No. 9

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Tomatoes, just like eggplants, technically reside in the fruit family! (But we won’t tell if you won’t.) When you’re trying to get your child to eat actual tomatoes — not ketchup or spaghetti sauce — try telling them tomatoes will help their hearts grow strong. Tomatoes don’t just *contain* heart-healthy lycopene; they’re Americans’ most significant source of lycopene. You can find it in all tomato products, but let’s get those fresh veggies in our kids’ bellies.

Vegetable Page No. 10

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You probably think of garlic more as an herb or seasoning… because that’s how we use it. However, garlic is, in fact, a vegetable full of nutrients like potassium, vitamins B6 and C, antioxidants, and manganese. But, let’s face it — not even kids need an excuse to layer on garlic. It’s just so yummy.

Vegetable Page No. 11

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We love a basket full of veggies! Did you know eggplants aren’t actually vegetables? They’re berries! Also, eggplants and tomatoes come from the same family. Eggplants are so special there’s even a Japanese proverb about them: “The happiest omen for a new year is first Mount Fuji, then the falcon, and lastly eggplant.” We also spy a carrot in this basket! Did you know carrots can also be white, yellow, red, and purple? Can you imagine eating a purple carrot?

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