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Girl Names That End In “Y”

What’s exceptionally lovely and really spunky too? Girl names ending in “y,” of course! There are traditional choices like Audrey and Hedy, Judy and Jenny — and then there are the more contemporary girl names ending in y, new favorites like Ensley, Jady, Kinley, and Mavy. But how do you choose a unique name that will be perfect for your little peanut? Will it go with her middle name and last name? Have you considered nicknames as names? Those tend to always end with the diminutive -ie or -ey so you might have more options to choose from than you think — Kylie Jenner straight up called her daughter Stormi for this very reason.

What about a nickname as a first name? Hear us out, most names have that -ie or -ey added as a diminutive for a nickname. But what if, gasp, you just gave a nickname as the name? Either way, you’re not alone in your thinking and search on that one. According to the latest search data available, girl names that end in “Y” are searched for nearly 3,000 times per month. You’re in good company, mama.

And speaking of last names, have you thought of using a surname as a first name? There are many popular surnames that end with -y, so you’re in luck there. You should also consider names from a myriad of backgrounds, just make sure you do research on the deeper meanings and origins to educate yourself. After all, when your little girl asks you about the meaning of her name, you want to be able to explain just why it was the perfect name for her. No matter what kind of Y-name you’re looking for, we can help you make it “really easy!”

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