10 Dog Coloring Pages Full Of Precious Puppers

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Dog Coloring Pages
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What would life be like without dogs? We don’t even like to think about the question, much less entertain the idea of a dogless world. Luckily for all of us, we’re surrounded by the goodest bois, cutest floofers, and most precious puppies. And, it goes without saying that we wouldn’t have it any other way! There’s a reason they call dogs human’s best friends, after all — these four-legged pals are veritable fun factories. It’s impossible not to enjoy life when you’ve got a dog by your side. So, to celebrate all of the canines out there, we decided to create a custom curation of dog coloring pages.

Did we mention they’re free? And filled with some of the sweetest looking dogs you could ever hope to color. Once you’ve finished these oh-so-cute dog coloring pages, we have plenty more free printables you’ll want to fetch, including unicorns, flowers, dinosaurs, trains, hearts, and fish.

Free Dog Coloring Pages

1. Happy Doggy

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You can just tell this is the goodest boi, can’t you? Between his super-happy face and floofy tail, he’s just the kind of pup that’s guaranteed to put a huge smile on anyone’s face. Fun fact: Seventy percent of people sign their dog’s name on their holiday cards! This makes sense because, after all, dogs are part of the family.

2. Leaping Dog

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Is it just us, or is this the dog from the Mighty Dog commercials? If it isn’t, it sure does have some star potential! While your kiddo colors, ask them what they think this pup is leaping over. Is it playing? Competing in an agility competition? And did you know dogs could smell emotions? They can smell a person’s fear because humans tend to sweat when they feel afraid and dogs pick up on that.

3. Dog Breeds No. 1

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Hmm, if you ask us, we’re looking at a Scottish terrier, a dachshund, a chihuahua, and a whippet. And you know what? Those are all great doggos. But make sure your little one knows they can use their imagination and come up with their very own breed names! There is a breed of dogs called newfoundlands. They have water-resistant fur and webbed feet!

4. Dog Breeds No. 2

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What do we have here? Our guesses are a bulldog, miniature schnauzer, and a miniature poodle. In other words, a trio of pups that may be small but are big on personality. Fun fact: Dalmatian pups are actually born completely white. As they grow, their spots develop.

5. Golden Retriever

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There’s something inherently charming about golden retrievers. Their silky coats make them beautiful, sure, but that’s not the only reason we love them. They also make an excellent dog breed for families due to their gentle disposition and natural playfulness. Speaking of dog breeds, did you know a greyhound can beat a cheetah in a race? A greyhound’s top speed is 45 miles per hour, and although a cheetah can snag the lead at 70 miles per hour, it can only keep that pace for 30 seconds. Eventually, the greyhound will pass it.

6. Playful Dogs

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Speaking of playfulness, look at this peppy pair! These puppies look like they are more than ready for an afternoon of fetch at the park, don’t they? Ask your kiddo what they would name these two — and encourage them to think of something with lots of spirit. Fun fact: Dogs are about as smart as a two-year-old human. So, if you ever thought your pup behaved a lot like your toddler, you were on the right track.

7. Dachsund Doggy

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First of all, this is a dachshund… and who doesn’t love a wiener dog? But also, look at the stunning pattern on this pepper! Break out the fancy colored pencils for this elongated little fellow. And did you know doggos aren’t completely colored blind? Their vision is similar to a human’s eyesight at dusk.

8. Good Doggies

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Pop quiz time: What makes these two such “good doggies”? This could be an excellent opportunity to turn your child’s afternoon of coloring into a writing exercise as well. How? Ask them to come up with a story about how this pair earned the title of “good doggies.” Here’s a history factoid they could add to their tale. During World War II, some dogs were trained to run missions and carry explosives.

9. Dogs Sitting No. 1

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We don’t know about you, but we’re always not-so-secretly wished for superhero powers. Not just in superhero powers, though. For us, the pinnacle of superhero coolness would be being able to talk to animals — and we can’t think of a better place to start than sitting down with these cuties. And if you need some dog name inspiration, former president Lyndon Johnson named his two beagles, Him and Her. But Johnson wasn’t the only presidential puppy lover. Franklin Roosevelt spent $15,000 for a destroyer to bring his dog to him.

10. Dogs Resting

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Hey, being a super-cute pooch has to be exhausting. All of that tail wagging and begging for treats — can you blame these doggos for wanting to squeeze in a little nap time? And just look at those ears! Dogs have 18 muscles in their ears alone. And we all know they have an excellent sense of smell, but did you know their noses work 40 times better than humans? And since we’re discussing smellers, each pup’s schnoz print is unique, like fingerprints.

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