Stranger Than Fiction

People Are Going Bonkers Trying To Guess The Historical Figure On This ‘90s History Textbook Cover

“Historical figure” being a generous term, given who was placed between O.J. Simpson and the Clintons.

This Tweet featuring a bizarre cover of a '90s history book has gone viral. Guess who's on the cover...

It’s no secret that history textbooks are selective about whose histories are highlighted. But as this hilarious tweet about a ‘90s history book goes to show, sometimes who or what is immortalized on the cover is just plain bonkers.

“Who do you think is in between the Clintons and OJ on the cover of this book about the 1990s? Pub date 2001,” wrote Twitter user @renatasnacks along with a photo of a nostalgic textbook titled The 1990s: From the Persian Gulf War to Y2K. Their hand covered whatever figure the book’s publisher decided had enough importance to be placed between a two-term president with a sex scandal and a former NFL star accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend.

Go ahead and guess. Everyone on Twitter did, and some folks had some pretty solid guesses, given the rest of the company on the book’s cover. Some guessed Beanie Babies, citing the ‘90s craze that had couples in the midst of divorce divvying up their valuable stash in the presence of their lawyers. Another suggested Princess Diana, given her tragic passing in 1997. A few others suggested Monica Lewinsky, given that the Clintons were on the cover.

A few other people had some more jokey answers, like Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars prequels or Pikachu, given the height of the Pokémon craze in the late ‘90s and early aughts. Turns out these silly guesses were closer than anyone could have imagined but also would have been a thousand times better than what is actually on that textbook cover. Seriously.

It’s Z, the ant from Antz voiced by Woody Allen. People were shook, to say the least. “I thought you photoshopped this as a joke and kept looking for the right answer 😭😭😭,” wrote one. “If I could guess and could do nothing but guess without having to stop for any reason, I think it would take me a full year to get to 'The woody Allen ant (?) from Antz,’” wrote another baffled Twitter user.

Chrissy Teigen was less baffled, or at least very tickled by the reveal, commenting, “😭 of course!!” Others thought they were close with their guesses, at least in terms of how off-the-wall the choice was. “Oh my god, my guess was the Dancing Baby from Ally McBeal. I feel like I was somehow really close,” replied another after the reveal.

Many were up in arms about the fact that Z from Antz was decidedly more important than Flik from A Bug’s Life, which also came out in 1998. “ANTZ!?! That wasn’t even the best ant-heavy cartoon film of 1998, more or less a defining aspect of the 1990s,” commented one.

Thanks for the wild ride, weird nostalgia Twitter.