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Andy Cohen Asks For Advice About Being Naked Around His Toddler Daughter

The talk show host loves taking baths with his kids, but knows he has to "lock it up" soon.

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Star Andy Cohen has a hot parenting question about when dads can be naked around their kids.
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Andy Cohen is getting parenting advice from Mark Consuelos — and it’s on a hot topic in parenting circles. Is there a “right time” for dads to stop being naked around their kids? And is that time different for daughters and sons? Is it ever okay for dads to take baths with their kids?

Cohen was filling in for Consuelos’ co-host and wife Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly and Mark on Thursday when he used the temporary gig to get some advice from a seasoned father.

"Speaking of skin, I wanted to ask you, I needed your advice about a parenting thing," he asked Mark. "So, Ben and I have taken baths, he loves to take a bath, whatever, I guess that's normal. Now, were you ever naked in front of Lola? Like, I have a daughter, what is the protocol there? Because I'm a little bit of a nudie, and I feel like I need to start locking it up."

Cohen is the dad to Ben, 4, and Lucy, who’s just over a year old. The star embarked on parenthood as a single person and welcomed both babies via surrogate. He has been brutally honest about the joys and challenges of being a single, gay dad raising kids in New York — and often asks for advice from other stars with kids, including famous friends Anderson Cooper and Sarah Jessica Parker.

"Not on purpose, I was never naked on purpose," Consuelos responded. "I think the rule of thumb was when they start speaking. When they start saying words."

"So there will be no bath time for me and my daughter," Cohen said. "That's weird, right?"

"I'm not here to say what's weird and what's not weird," replied Consuelos, who seemed dedicated to walking a careful line on the topic.

"Okay, your eyes are telling me that's weird. That's all I need to know," Cohen said. "I just need to know the protocol!"

"Books have been written about bonding and it's beautiful and all that stuff," added Consuelos vaguely.

When Cohen asks when he should stop naked bathes with his 4-year-old son, Consuelos responds, "Like two years ago."

“Does he enjoy them?" Consuelos then asked.

"That's not the question," Cohen answered before making a joke. "He enjoys a lot of things that will be taken away from him."

This isn’t the first time a celeb has been in the hot seat for wanting to bathe with their kids. In 2021, Chrissy Teigen was dragged for posting a picture bathing with her brood — her older two children were 5 and 3 at the time. Please file under: parental judgement and mom shaming that should go away.

And experts agree that judgey parents should stay out of other people’s tubs. There are no cut-and-dry answers about how old is too old to be naked in front of your children.

Family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa told Rachel Ray in 2000 that the answer really depends on three factors: you, your kid, and your family. Gender might factor in and it might not.

"Here's where it's not okay. It's not okay if it makes you uncomfortable, or when it makes your kiddo uncomfortable,” she said. “Every adult has a different point at which this happens. Sometimes gender matters, sometimes gender doesn't matter to the person," Dr. G said, "but as long as it's still comfortable for both of you."

One thing she suggested is asking your kid directly about their comfort level if you’re going to change, or if you’re in the room while they are changing. She also adds the puberty is usually a time when kids will require more privacy.

Sounds like Andy — and his kids — are going to be just fine.

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