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10 Family Reality Shows That Are Better Than The Kardashians

Can’t get enough of the family drama? Honestly, same.

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Ten family reality shows that are better than the Kardashians.

Our culture may have changed because of The Kardashians hitting our screens in 2007, but they are definitely not the only family keeping us entertained these days. While viewers still get an inside look at the lives of the famous six sisters, they have paved the way for many other family dynamics from all backgrounds to have a place in mainstream media.

While I’d like to think that strong family bonds are the reason we can’t get enough, let’s be honest — we love a sibling showdown. Nothing is more relatable than batsh*t crazy moms, and no matter how rich you are, petty arguments with your brother and sister are still on the table.

Here are 10 reality TV shows that have so many ups and downs, they give even the OGs a run for their money.


Shahs of Sunset


This longstanding series features a group of Iranian Americans who live, work, and play in Beverly Hills. “Shahs” is a Persian term that translates to “king,” and this group considers themselves to run “Tehrangeles.” While cast members are not siblings, their culture runs deep in family dynamics, making familial drama sit front and center.

The show aired in 2012, and after nine seasons, Bravo Network chose not to renew in 2022.


My Unorthodox Life

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With shows like Breaking Amish and Return To Amish, it is no surprise that this family’s story is captivating. As a Jewish family who left the Mormon religion to live a fast life in New York City, this family still struggles with the habits and rituals of their old lifestyle.

Premiering in 2021, the family hit our screens this year with their second season, and the drama keeps getting better.


Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs

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While this series has only recently debuted in May 2023, its cast of 10 (yes, I said 10) Muslim sisters is strikingly similar to the Kardashians. Their family roster is so long they even use terms to define their age brackets, referring to the four oldest sisters as "The Elders," who were all born in Afghanistan, and the last six, born in the United States, as "The Wolf Pack."

The Sozahdah sisters were brought to the U.S. by their parents, who came as refugees in the early '80s. With some sisters knowing a more traditional lifestyle, it can be hard for them to understand the ones raised in modern culture. So, the tea is always hot in this family.


The Family Stallone


You know the Sylvester Stallone from the big screen, but you’ve never seen the iconic star like this. In the Paramount+ original The Family Stallone, viewers get a behind-the-scenes peek at life with Sly and his family — and it’s surprisingly super endearing. The series follows the actor, his wife Jennifer Flavin (remember, they reconciled shortly after filing for divorce in 2022), and their daughters Sophia (the oldest child), Sistine (the “fearless” middle child), and Scarlet (the “funny one”).

If you couldn’t get enough of charismatic Stallone and his lovable crew in Season 1, you’re in luck; it’s already been picked up for a second season.


Family Karma

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Family Karma follows not just one but several large Indian American families who reside in Miami, spanning three generations. The series follows cast members as they navigate their careers and how they weather the intricate courting process and rules of arranged marriage. Premiering in 2020, the show has aired three seasons, and a fourth season is expected to return sometime in 2024.


DeMarcus Family Rules

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This light-hearted show follows the family of Rascal Flatts band member Jay DeMarcus, his wife Allison, and their two children, Madeline Leigh and Dylan Jay. While this show only made its debut at the height of the pandemic, it’s not the first time we’ve seen them on reality TV. They’ve also made various appearances on Chrisley Knows Best as friends of the family.

They say opposites attract, and that was the case for former pageant queen Allison and her risk-taking husband. Their differences create a hilarious series with their children as they put out Jay’s fires and tease Allison for her military-style tendencies. While the show has not been renewed for a second season, the DeMarcus family isn’t ruling it out.


At Home With The Furys

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Here's a brand-new one for you! At Home With The Furys premiered on Netflix on Aug. 16, 2023. Following the life of the undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, the trailer shows a family dealing with mental health, the professional boxing culture, and six kids tagging along for the ride. With the final scene of its commercial trailer showing his toddler-aged son flipping the bird, there's no denying this British family will deliver.


The Fabulous Life of Bollywood Wives

Rachel Santos/Netflix

We know the “Real House Wives” of Hollywood, these are the wives of famous actors in Bollywood. While its framework was inspired by The U.S. series, these wives aren’t indulging in much petty drama. If you’re someone who loves to binge The Great British Bake-Off, this reality series might be just enough entertainment for you.

The glamorous show premiered in 2020 with its first season and released its second in 2022. They have already been renewed for a third season, but no date has been revealed as of yet.


The Entire Real Housewives Franchise


No family reality show list is complete without the mega-conglomerate of The Real Housewives. The original series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, premiered in 2006; since then, the show has added nine spin-offs.

The series follows groups of affluent women who are socialites in their prospective district, often with very prominent spouses. The show is filled with catty fights and spunky families that are the gift that keeps on giving.


The D’Amelio Show


Social media influencers are the newest craze to hit reality TV, and this TikTok family, in particular, is racking in millions. The Hulu series follows the life of the most followed influencer on the platform, Charlie D’Amelio, who has a jaw-dropping 100 million followers. Her older sister, Dixie, followed in her career footsteps with just over 40 million followers, and their humble parents are simply along for the ride.

Its first season was released in November 2021, and its second debuted a year later. The show has already been renewed for a third season.

Regardless of religion, culture, or upbringing, all these families hold one common rule: Family over everything. Seasons change, but family drama is forever!

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